After tackling a great classic of the women’s wardrobe a few weeks ago, the white t-shirt, it is the sweatshirts for women turn to pass under the headlights of the truck. First of all, we are talking about the “sweatshirt” and beware of the one who laughs at the back of the room; it is indeed the correct pronunciation. Now considered an essential in the women’s wardrobe, it was far from being a trendy piece when it was created. And yes, behind sweatshirt, hear the literal translation “sweat” and “shirt” (not sexy?). But, how did a top for exercising become so iconic? Without further ado, let’s go over the different points to remember when it comes to buying a good and sturdy sweatshirt:

The story of the sweatshirt

In the 1920s, with the development of team sports outdoors, a top was needed that was both warm and resistant and that did not interfere with the movements of athletes. This is why, at that time, athletes wore a wool sweater that allowed them to warm up before and after exercise. Worn next to the body, this coarse and thick sweater was far from comfortable. In addition to that, the latter shrunk in the wash and dried very poorly. In short, he had to find a replacement! Even if the origin of the sweatshirt is still unclear, we know that it appeared in the 1930s. Annoyed to wear a thick mesh during his football matches and to lose liters and liters of perspiration, he decides to have a new piece designed, with the help of his family. Starting from the top of the union suit, the company designs the first sweatshirt, a collarless, lightweight piece woven in cotton and then sends his sweatshirts to several resellers. The success is such that the family business quickly specializes in the manufacture of sports equipment.

Cotton and its different knits

After an ascent in the 80s / 90s, the sweatshirt will become very popular, to such an extent that it will quickly have a cheap image and be sold on a large scale in fast-fashion stores. This is why it is better to remain vigilant when it comes to acquiring a new sweatshirt. Let’s start by tackling the subject of the matter:

What are the details of a sweatshirt?

Even if the sweatshirt may seem like a simple piece to make, the fact remains that you have to pay attention to the different finishes. Thus, we will make sure to check a few details that compose it such as the collar, the neckband, or the ribbing:

The round neck

 It should be stiff enough to remain stable and should not give the impression of irregularity. In the vast majority of cases, a sweatshirt has a neckline finished with a ribbing, which is both a practical element since it facilitates the passage of the head. It is therefore not uncommon to find a percentage of elastane on this part of the sweatshirt.

The cleaning tape

This is a yoke located on the inside of the sweatshirt (more precisely on the side of the neck). It must be well tacked and regular. As its name suggests, it will protect the sweatshirt (especially from perspiration), but also provide some comfort. Of course, not all sweatshirts have this detail!

The famous V design

Today, it is more of a historical detail than a practical one! And for good reason, at the time of the first sweatshirts, this V was used to collect perspiration from the neck to contain it in one and the same place, the triangle. It is also said that this famous V allowed the collar to prevent it from deforming when it was pulled by another player during a football match.

The ribbing

The quality of the ribbing is essential! That’s why you should buy hoodies from our recommended HALARA brand.

Where can I find a sweatshirt?

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