How to Choose a Professional Painter


It can be frustrating to stare at your drab walls. Maybe such walls once had captivating colors that have slowly faded. This will require a good paint job. However, not all painters can cater to your needs. To find those that can fit your situation, click here for residential painters.

When it comes to painting your house, you want to ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction. Even if you plan on selling the house soon, a proper paint job can add to the overall impression of the house, hence increasing its market value. Of course, only professionally done paint jobs can achieve this effect. As such, you want to ensure that professionalism is the major factor when you decide to choose a painter. There are indeed very good painters with no formal training. However, taking a chance on someone with no track record and certification in house painting is a risk you should not take. Hiring a self-taught painter may end up costing you in the long run if such a painter ends up doing shoddy work, meaning you’ll have to hire another one.

Consider these factors when hiring someone to paint your house:

Enquire about their credentials

Nowadays, there is a certification for just about any type of craft. Before you agree to contract a painter for a job, ask to see their credentials. This ensures that they have the skills needed to paint your house to a professional standard. In some jurisdictions, a painter needs a license to work. Always ensure that you ask about such things. This is not only to avoid tricky legal situations but also to protect you from masqueraders. Painting can seem deceptively easy; as such, many people can claim to be professional painters without having any painting experience.

Note that there may be excellent painters who have never attended any trade school. Be careful when considering such painters for hire. Ask for references, preferably from other establishments and homeowners in your area or city. If such uncertified painters are any good, their work will bear testament to this fact.

When reviewing the references, endeavor to see a painter’s work. This is because a professional painter can receive negative reviews and criticism for things not entirely related to their work. A client may feel let down by the painter’s charges, for example, and leave unwarranted criticism. Always consider all the references and the painter’s record before coming to a hiring decision.

State your expectations

This should happen as you’re considering the painter’s work history and experience. Not all painting jobs are equal. Stippling, for example, is a painting technique that aims to simulate certain shades of solidity on a wall by using dots and other patterns. A particular painter may not be familiar with such a style. Ensure that the painter you hire is well-conversant with what your painting job requires. Otherwise, your wall may not achieve the particular visual effect that you had in mind.

This is just one aspect of painting and how it can affect the wall’s ability to reflect light. Ensure to discuss all such details with a professional painter before offering them the job.

Don’t settle for the first offer

It’s usually tempting to consider the first painter that you come across, especially if such a painter seems good at their job. However, they may be putting up a front to trick you into offering them the job. Always do your homework. It’s usually best to hire painters that work for a company rather than individuals. This makes it easy to verify their credentials and experience. A company will likely be in the public records, meaning you can easily verify their authenticity. Also, hiring the first professional painter, you come across locks you into an unfavorable working arrangement if the painter turns out to be phony. Talk to several professional painters at the same time, all the while comparing their charges and work history. This will ensure that you hire the one that best suits your needs.

Ask for guarantees

Any professional painter that knows their job will stand behind their work. This means they should have no problem offering you a guarantee regarding their painting skills. Such painters will offer to fix any problems with your painted walls if you feel the painting was not done right. A professional painter that is unequivocal about their work is likely a good one.

In a nutshell, doing your due diligence by considering the above factors will ensure that you hire the best professional painter for your house renovations or any other painting job.

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