How to Choose a Comfortable Airplane Neck Pillow

Choosing a comfortable airplane neck pillow is arguably one of the most important things you can do as you prepare to go on your trip. The relief and comfort that you can experience while on a plane with one of these can be unsurmounted.

You have already started off right by determining that you need to get one. Not having one of these pillows will only lead to discomfort and strain in your neck and back. However, it is very important to do the research and make sure you purchase a pillow worth having. You want to make sure that it is not only comfortable, but also is durable, provides real support and relief, and has the best features.

Built to Last

No one wants to buy a pillow just to have to throw it away after a couple of trips. You want a pillow that is going to become your travel staple for years to come. Here are a few questions to be asking when looking for that perfect travel companion.

Does it Have a Washable Cover?

It is a travel pillow. Which means there is a strong possibility that it will be falling to the airport floor at some point, accidentally getting something spilled on it, or maybe you just travel all of the time and will want to wash it often. For this reason it is important to find a pillow that is machine washable, and dryer safe.

Is the Material Real?

You want to find a pillow that is made up of one hundred percent memory foam, and you want to trust that it truly is memory foam. This material has several health benefits, is durable, and overall the best for the job.

Does it Have a Replacement Policy?

You want to find a company that takes care of their customers. If the company has a lifetime replacement policy it shows that they not only care about their customer, but they also believe strongly in their product. This is a great sign indicating that the product you’re looking at is built to last.


The material is by far the most important aspect of a travel pillow. Not only does it play a part in how long it can last, it will determine whether or not you experience the comfort and relief you are looking for. It is critical that the pillow is made up of one hundred percent memory foam. Memory foam is not only comfortable and durable, but it also is the perfect way to support your head, neck, and back.

Memory foam has a specific natural body heat responsiveness which allows it to mold to your body ever so slightly, providing it with the perfect amount of support. You’re not only left feeling comfortable, you will also experience increased blood flow while you travel. Ultimately leaving you refreshed and ready to take on the world as soon as you step off of that plane.

The Features

In a world where everything is constantly improving, it’s no wonder that even a pillow can have some form of bells and whistles. Here are two features you are definitely going to want to have in your travel pillow.

An Adjustable Drawstring

Having an adjustable drawstring in the front of your neck pillow provides the amount of control you need to ensure that you are always in a comfortable position. You can make it nice and snug, or just tight enough to not slip. As long as you have this control, you can always find yourself comfortable.

A Pocket

Yes. Pillows can have pockets, and they can be incredibly useful. No one likes digging through their pockets or bags while on a plane, and it can be annoying or unsettling to leave things like your phone or wallet in your lap or seat while you sleep. So, some of the best pillows have a pocket built in to house things like your phone or other small valuables. They become easy to access and safe because they’re right by your head.

There is truly a lot to consider when seeking to purchase the most comfortable neck pillow. Not only do you want it to be comfortable, but you also want it to provide support, relief, and last for years to come. Take some time and research pillows with the above attributes, find out what you truly want, make the purchase, and enjoy more comfortable travel conditions for years to come.

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