How to Build Publicity for Opening of New Company in Indonesia


Anyone who has analysed the problems that come with opening company knows that building up enthusiasm doesn’t happen overnight. In Indonesia, that means knowing the right market for your company first. If you know your market, then you will know how to boost publicity for the new Indonesia company. Then you can execute it in the most profitable way.

Finding The “Right” Market to Serve

When it comes to publicity, you probably already have a “gut feeling” about which market you will be serving. This is a good foundation to build on because many times your intuition will be correct. You may be noticing things about your ideal Indonesia market already just by living in the same city or island.

But you have to take it a step further. You need to be sure that this market will be pleased to be served by your company. For instance, if you will be selling great hamburgers through a bazaar stall, you need to pay attention to what customers would like. If they are Muslims, they probably need assurance that the hamburgers are halal-certified. If they are Christians, they may be more open to “exotic” ingredients in some hamburger variants (such as mushrooms). You will have to publicise what is great about your hamburgers so that the most number of customers will buy them.

Getting Help With Publicity

Some entrepreneurs have a hard time imagining the kind of publicity they ought to be aiming at their target market. If this sounds like you, try “walking in the shoes” of your ideal market. What would you like to find in your ideal hamburger? Would you tell other people about that great hamburger you just ate? Would you bring hordes of relatives and close friends to that hamburger place each and every weekend? Would you bring a date next time?

If you have nailed the publicity angle, you may be ready to set up your new company. You may tap us at 3E Accounting Indonesia for the right company incorporation services Indonesia that entrepreneurs like yourself need. This way, we can help set up the company so that you can focus on making “great hamburgers” that the whole country will eventually be talking about.

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