How to Build a Cheap Outdoor Kitchen


A backyard barbecue is a staple of summer. There’s something about sitting outdoors with friends, family, and good food that just makes everything feel more relaxed and stress-free. An outdoor kitchen is a great way to enhance your backyard experience. Not only do they look fantastic, but they can also make entertaining much more convenient. With an outdoor kitchen, you can prepare your meal in advance so you don’t have to worry about rushing around at the last minute to cut up veggies and get the grill going. If you’re considering adding an outdoor kitchen to your home – or even if you just want to know what planning one would involve – read on for some tips on how to build a cheap outdoor kitchen!

What is an Outdoor Kitchen?

When most people think of outdoor kitchens, they envision a large, expensive, custom-built structure. However, an outdoor kitchen does not have to cost a lot of money or even take up a lot of space. In fact, an outdoor kitchen can be as small as a countertop and a small grill or as large as an entire outdoor dining area with built-in appliances. You can include some or all of the following in your outdoor kitchen:

  • Grill – While many people grill year round, it’s more common to do so during the spring, summer, and early fall months when you don’t have to worry about snow or frost.
  • Sink – This is ideal for washing fresh vegetables and meats. Many people prefer a sink in the backyard to washing things in the house, even though they may be just as clean!
  • Seating – This can include everything from chairs and tables to couches and hammocks.
  • Built-in appliances – You can include a refrigerator or freezer, a sink, a beer tap, and even a fire pit.

Build a Foundation

If you’re building your outdoor kitchen on a concrete pad, the first step would be to pour the foundation. You’ll want to make sure the slab is level so that everything is built on a secure surface. You should also check for termites and other pests to make sure your foundation is not contaminated. If your outdoor kitchen doesn’t sit on a concrete pad, you’ll want to either level your existing ground or build a wooden or concrete foundation. After you’ve got your foundation ready to go, you’ll want to waterproof it. This is necessary to protect against water damage to the foundation and any appliances you may place on it.

Build the Walls and Roof

Once you’ve got your foundation and flooring prepared, you can move onto the walls. You should build your walls so that they extend out 18 inches past the foundation wall. If you’re building an outdoor kitchen with a roof, you’ll want to build a wall that extends out 36 inches past the foundation wall so that you can build the roof over that. If you’re building an outdoor kitchen without a roof, you can either frame your walls with a clear span to allow for air flow or build a wall that extends out 36 inches past the foundation wall. If you’re building an outdoor kitchen with a roof, you’ll want to build the roof over your walls so that the slope of the roof extends down from the peak to the edge of your wall. You’ll want the roof to extend at least 18 inches past your wall.

Add the Counters and Stove

Once you’ve got your walls and roof completed, you can add your counters. The counters can be made of many different materials and come ready to install or you can make them yourself. You can also choose to leave the counters off if you want a more rustic outdoor kitchen. For your stove, you can either purchase a ready-made stove or build your own. If you want to go the DIY route, you can build a stove out of a large pot and some bricks. If you want to go the ready-made route, you can get a stove that fits your budget and that you like the look of.

Add the Final Touches

Once you’ve got all your appliances ready to go, you can install them. You’ll want to make sure that you have enough space to walk around so that you don’t hit or trip over things. Your outdoor kitchen shouldn’t be so small that you can’t walk around in it; otherwise, you’ll just end up bumping into everything and making a mess! You can use patio tiles or concrete to cover your countertops, which will protect them from damage and stains. You can also add some plants to your outdoor kitchen to make it look nice and create some extra shade. If you really have some extra space, you can build a fire pit for added ambiance and warmth.


An outdoor kitchen can make your backyard a more enjoyable place to be, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive remodel. You can build one with the tools and materials you already have, or you can purchase inexpensive materials from a hardware store. If you want your backyard to be the most relaxing place in your house, an outdoor kitchen is a great investment!

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