How to  Boost Ranking of Website: Ultimate Guide


In the digital era, everyone is on the internet. So, how to stand out from the crowd? Well, SEO is the key. Through this article, you will learn some of the most efficient ways to boost your ranking on web browsers or SEO ranking.

Tips to Boost SEO Ranking

There are numerous ways to ensure that your website is one of the top-rated in the algorithm. Here are some of them.

Tip 1- Work on the Loading Speed on Your Site

According to research, 40% of site visitors ignore or avoid sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. Well! You do not want to come under that category. So, here are a few things to know about the loading speed of your site.

  • Web browsers easily recognize sites with slow loading speed. It directly affects the site’s ranking.
  • Besides, slow speed will also affect the way a visitor of your site interacts with it. It will create a negative impression, deteriorating your ranking. Almost 80% of the visitors do not return to a side with slow speed.
  • On the other hand, if the loading speed of your site is good, people will continue to keep using your page. Google will recognize it, and based on your site’s popularity, it will adjust the ranking.

Thus, loading speed matters a lot. You can check it through various online servers available in the market. If you find it slow, look for the plugins and theme of your site. It will help you recognize the fault and solve it.

Tip 2- High-Quality Content

Do you keep updating your site? If not, your website might not get a good ranking. Here are things to know about it.

  • Why will visitors visit your site if you are not giving them a reason to do so? So, to ensure a good ranking, you need to attract organic traffic to your site. That is only possible with quality content on your site.
  • If your site contains relevant, recent, and quantitative information, visitors will spend more time on it. It will increase your dwell time, the time a user spends on a particular site. That directly affects your site ranking.
  • Also, if your site is always full of simple, newsworthy, exciting, and fresh content, visitors will often visit the site, contributing to your site’s ranking.

Besides, users bookmark the sites with good content. So, your SEO ranking increases when a user bookmarks your site, particularly on Google ( as it has a share of 45% of the internet browser market share).

Tip 3- Do Not Limit Yourself to Texts

Although texts are one of the most influential media, limiting yourself to them might harm you. Here are some things to know about it.

  • Add videos, presentations, audios, slideshows, GIFs to your site. Pictures create a more profound impression on the human mind than texts. So, people will visit your profile frequently.
  • Also, most people prefer listening to the news. Thus videos and the audio file will ensure that visitors stay on your site for a long time.

These characteristics can significantly boost your SEO ranking. Also, ensure that the length of videos is neither too small nor too large. Most people skip large videos that might affect your ranking, and short videos mean visitors will spend less time on your site. Thus, it is vital to keep a medium length.

Tip 4- Your Site Should be Readable

Most people think using heavy terms will attract visitors, but it is not valid. Here is something you should know.

  • Most sites are for general people. They are not aware of heavy terms and will face difficulty in understanding the content on your site.
  • Ultimately, they will avoid working with your site. Thus, it is vital to keep the language known to the general public.

Remember, you should sound professional but not like a doctor using heavy medical terms. Several tools might help you know whether your site is readable or not.

Tip 5- Make Your Site Friendly for Mobile use

Users should feel comfortable scrolling your site on their phones. It is a great way to improve your SEO ranking. Here are some more things to know about it.

  • Do you know, more than 60% of searches on Google were from mobile devices? So, a site optimized for mobile use will see a boost in its SEO ranking.
  • Also, if people are uncomfortable while surfing your online site, they will not visit again, negatively affecting its ranking.

Google’s algorithm identifies the sites that are mobile-friendly and keeps its ranking accordingly.

Tip 6- Share on Social Media

Everyone knows that social media sharing makes your site known to people. However, most people are not aware that it also affects the site’s SEO ranking. Here is what you need to know.

  • To understand this, consider you have a site, and you share it extensively on your social media. The information on your site is fresh, unique, and enjoyable. So people on your social media began sharing it. Gradually, you see a large number of people sharing your site.
  • It means that more people are visiting your site, increasing organic traffic on it. That directly positively affects your SEO ranking.

You should also keep a social media sharing icon in the contents of your page. That makes it easier for people to share content on your site.

Tip 7- Use Keywords Efficiently

Here are the Effects of Keywords.

  • You have to include words that people might search on a web browser.
  • Also, include keywords in header tags and image captions.

Keywords play a vital role in boosting a site’s ranking.

Tip 8- Use Outbound Links

When you create a blog or any other content for your site, you might make claims. But is it enough? No, there is more to it.

  • The credibility of your site impacts its ranking. To ensure that the content in your site is reliable, you can use data, graphs, and statistics.
  • However, while doing so, it is vital to back them up. For example, if you add a statistic or information from a study or research, back it up with a reputable site. In search of best link building services, check this out Link Building Specialists near me.

Besides backlinking from an authentic site, ensure that the data is recent. Presenting old data or statistics won’t contribute much to the SEO ranking.

These are some ways to ensure a good ranking of your site.


Search engine optimization is going to stay. Your site needs to follow the web browser’s algorithm. It will make your site popular as you always wanted it to be.

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