How Technology is Changing the Business Arena

In a very short time, we have gone from the telegram to Instagram and today we are truly living in a digital age. You don’t have to be that old to remember the very first mobile phone, which came with a huge backpack for the battery and looked more like a military field telephone set, yet today we all have a slim device that fits neatly in the hand and it can do a whole lot more than make phone calls.

Here are just a few of the ways that hi-tech solutions are changing the business world.

  • Video Conferencing – This was a real game changer, especially during the pandemic; VoIP technology empowers many businesses to deliver their services in a virtual environment. A team leader can call a meeting with key players in different parts of the world and in real-time, they can collaborate and develop their project. Take Global Citizen Translation as an example, the multi-national translation service provider uses VoIP platforms to deliver services to clients worldwide. They can handle 500+ language pairs, which means you can enjoy an online business meeting with anyone and the services offered are indeed varied; audio-video translation, seminar/webinar interpretation, creating localised content and subtitles and audio tracks for video.
  • Cloud Solutions – Rather than storing your critical business data on your office PCs, create a secure cloud network and you and your employees can access the data from any location using any device. The benefits of the cloud are indeed many and you can create permission hierarchies to allow certain people access to specific data, while the managed IT services provider is the administrator and takes care of cyber-security.
  • GPS Tracking – There was once a time when you had no idea where your assignment was at any given time; it could be anywhere from the factory to the nearest post office, yet when you order products online, you are given a tracking number and that allows you to instantly track your package. GPS tech also empowers the employer, as delivery trucks can be monitored in real time; telling the manager how fast the vehicle is going, when it stops and for how long and this system really helps the logistics company plan their deliveries.
  • 3D Printing – This is another absolute game-changer, having the ability to print components that are designed on a computer revolutionises the manufacturing sector and you can already buy 3D printers. We are only a few years from walking into a print shop and having a Ferrari sports car created in front of your eyes! We are still a few years away from mass production using this technology, but it is on its way, of that there is no doubt.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Machine learning has so much potential and we are already able to teach computers to learn high strategy board games like Chess and Go and these special learning computers quickly exceed the capability of humans, as demonstrated by AlphaGo, the machine that beat the Go world champion, Mr Lee Sedol by 4 games to 1 in 2016. Go is such a complex game, there are more possible moves than atoms in the known universe! AI is being used by tech giants like Google to anticipate what users want to see on their feeds, yet AI does come with a red warning label; it might be the last invention mankind even makes.

As you can see, we are already well into a new digital dimension and the future certainly does look exciting.

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