How should I recover fast after post wisdom tooth extraction?


Wisdom teeth removal is among the common dental surgeries opt by people. It almost takes around 2 weeks to get fully recover after wisdom tooth removal. We all know that wisdom teeth grow back of our mouth and most people get them between the age of 17 and 25. You might be thinking why the removal. Well, sometimes wisdom teeth don’t get proper space to get into the right position. They get a break at an angle or partially come out. Such teeth are known as impacted wisdom teeth and start causing the problem.

You must have an idea about the pain and how much time it takes to recovers if have gone through such removal.

Tips to have a quick recovery 

Certain tips need to be followed if you want to have a quick recovery from wisdom tooth removal.

  • Check on the bleeding

It is acceptable if you have slight bleeding for the first 24 hours because you have tooth removal. To control this, you must sit upright and try to avoid vigorous activity for few days. Rinse out the blood in your mouth and then bite down on a gauze.

  • Take the medicines timely

The medication is helpful in taking care of your tooth pain and swelling. Timely consumption helps you suppress the pain.

  • Take enough rest

Rest is considered to be an ideal way to deal with the pain. Despite rushing back to your work, it is better to take proper rest to get recover fast.

  • Don’t consume tobacco

Having tobacco is very bad in general, but shouldn’t be taken after the extraction. This is so because; it slows down the healing process and causes a dry socket.

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  • Be hydrated

Hydration is a key to be healthy and its significance increase when it comes to tooth extraction. Take plenty of water and natural fruit juices. Make sure you avoid caffeinated or carbonated drinks for the first 24 hours.

  • Properly follow the oral hygiene

Never forget about the oral hygiene routine after the wisdom teeth removal. Gently brush the area of extraction for cleaning the surface and use an antibacterial mouthwash.

The final word

Prices for tooth extractions in the United States vary quite a bit, but on average, as quoted by a trusted source, the price starts at $75 and up. Utodent is where you can call to get your wisdom tooth extracted out. We are a trusted source offering excellent services at affordable prices.

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