How Much Compensation Will I Receive For My Personal Injury Claim?


Treatment for Personal injury from motor vehicle collisions or accidents can be highly expensive. Suffering from an injury may lead to a lengthy process of ongoing treatment and a long stay at the hospital. The injury lawyers in Perth can guide you on how much compensation you can claim and receive for your injury.

How much should I receive?

Personal injury needs to be claimed for both financial and non-economic losses. You should be able to prove the extent and emergency of your loss. The compensation for damages that you can receive are 

  • Wage loss- You must be experiencing a loss of wage after the accident. It can be temporary, where you have chances to rejoin, and it can even be permanent, where you do not have the chance to rejoin, and it remains as a complete wage loss. The injury lawyers in Adelaide suggest that you claim for the compensation as you would not be completely at a financial loss if the accident did not happen.
  • Medical Treatment- When you claim for your medical expenses, you should receive 100 percent of the medical treatment expenses. If you are disabled permanently, all your expenses need to be borne.
  • Emotional Distress- Compensation lawyers in Perth can help you get out of emotional distress. When you go through traumatic stress after the accident, which can lead to depression, you must be compensated. Though considered to be non-compensatory damages, you deserve 100 percent compensation.
  • Suffering And Pain: Though the treatment is over, you are suffering from pain even after a long time after an accident; you should be compensated for the suffering and pain.

What Affects The Personal Injury Claim?

The insurance companies at the first value the cases of the injuries and then approve the claimed amount. 

  • Insurance Policies of defendants:  As the insurance policies will not settle above the limits, you should understand their budget.
  • Your Medical Expenses: Significant medical expenses are required for your serious injuries that can never be avoided.

Benefits of Legal Representation:

The compensation lawyers in Perth show the advantages of the legal representation of your injuries. This is a very important step as it will determine how much you can be compensated for the personal injury. Thus 90 percent of claims get settled with lawyers, and about 50 percent of claims get settled without the lawyers. Thus legal representation is very important for claiming your injuries.

Compensation For Wrongful Death:

The compensation lawyers in Adelaide suggest compensation should be present for wrongful death. The injury compensation will differ from wrongful death, where any of the family members get killed in the accident. The compensation should include:

  • Compensation for financial loss- Lifetime earnings are to be provided for the family whose family members have been killed in the accident.
  • Companionship Loss- Compensation should be there for the loved ones or the relationship partners as they are deprived of the relationship if their loved ones survive.
  • Expenses of Funeral: The funeral expenses are to be borne by the insurance companies when claimed. The injury lawyers in Perth suggest that you should claim the funeral expenses with proper payment receipts.
  • Medical Bills- When the accident victim receives any treatment before his death, all his medical expenses will be covered by the insurance claim.
  • Emotional Loss- The death of a family member can provide emotional loss for all the other family members. With financial hardship, family members can face emotional losses. The injury lawyers in Adelaide can provide legal representation so that all the losses are compensated.

Negotiating Settlement:

The injury lawyers in Adelaide can help in the negotiation of the settlement. The first offer from the insurance company should never be accepted, and the negotiation process needs to be applied. There are very few victims who will settle for the first offer. Most of the victims go for the negotiation, and the insurance companies are aware of that.

If you are not comfortable with the negotiation, the compensation lawyers in Perth can go for the negotiation on your behalf.

Filing A Lawsuit For Personal Injury:

A lawsuit can be filed with the help of lawyers so that you get the right compensation for your injury. Half of the victims may not be aware of filing the lawsuit. Still, the other half who have taken help from compensation lawyers in Adelaide for filing a lawsuit have been compensated more appropriately.


For claiming compensation for a personal injury, you should know the right steps of claiming. You should not be satisfied by the first offer provided by the insurance companies. The compensation or the injury lawyers can help you to guide you through the right path of claiming compensation. Legal representation and filing a lawsuit are very important for getting compensation appropriately.

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