How long can dried flowers keep?


Dried flowers are completely hip and happening these days. More and more people are buying dried flowers for their home. Which is not surprising, because you come across them more and more. Many vintage shops and furniture stores sell dried flowers, but many restaurants are also switching to dried flowers.

Why are dried flowers so popular?

Why dried flowers are so popular has to do with the shelf life. A question we often get is ‘how long can dried flowers keep?’ or ‘how long do dried flowers last’? These are not strange questions, because fresh flowers stay good for about 10 days with good care and 2 weeks if you’re lucky. Dried flowers, on the other hand, last much longer. The shelf life of a dried flower is about half a year. But there are also dried flowers that retain their beauty for much longer. The difference lies in the different types of dried flowers. Dried wheat and grains, for example, remain beautiful for much longer than six months. But good care of the dried flowers can also ensure that your dried flowers remain beautiful for longer.

How do you care for dried flowers?

Bloompost dried flowers can be kept for about six months. With good care of the dried flowers, you have a good chance that you can enjoy your dried flowers even longer. Fortunately, the care is not demanding and with a few tricks your dried flowers will remain beautiful for longer. For example, it is important that you do not place the dried flowers in direct sunlight, but preferably in the shade. Sunlight can cause discoloration and leaf loss, which is bad for the shelf life of the dried flowers. Dried flowers also do not like moisture, so put your dried flowers in a dry room and do not water them. It is important to handle the dried flowers with care. Dried flowers are even more vulnerable than regular flowers. So when you want to arrange a bouquet, work from the stems. If you grab the dried flowers at the top, there is a good chance that the dried flowers will break.

Care tips for dry bouquets

The most important advice is not to put your dried flowers in direct sunlight. Dried flowers and bouquets remain most beautiful when they are somewhere in the shade indoors or in a place where there is a lot of or regular shade. Leaving them in direct sunlight can cause the colors to fade or worse, the flowers can dry out even more and begin to fall apart. It is also important to remember to keep dried flowers and bouquets away from areas with a lot of moisture. In these kinds of environments, dried flowers can lose their color and start to droop. So avoid places like the toilet or bathroom.

Dried flowers are more fragile than normal fresh flowers. It is therefore very important that you handle them very carefully. Always hold dried flowers by the stem and try not to bump into them. At least not too often. If you have to dust them, use a Swiffer instead of a (hard) duster.

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