How Instagram punishes users for buying followers


Instagram like any other social media platform has user terms and conditions that contain several policies that regulate how users interact on the platform. One of these policies deals specifically with the use of fake followers and automated apps to generate follows and likes with the aim of beefing up one’s influence. There are several steps that the company has taken against this behavior and one of them is developing algorithms that automatically detect user accounts where forbidden activities are exercised. Once your account is detected by the algorithm as engaging in these activities, you will receive a warning from the company urging you to stop the behavior.

Instagram further warns against sharing your account’s password with other people or entities because this puts the account at risk of being hacked. Once an account has been hacked, it can be used to send out spam, something that can lead to several stricter disciplinary measures from the company. Thus, even if you insist on spending your money to buy Instagram followers cheap, you are putting your account at great risk.

Below are some of the actions that Instagram can take against your account if it detects that you use automated apps of fake followers.

Action block

Once Instagram realizes that you use automation in your account, they can block you from engaging in certain actions. This is usually stipulated clearly in the terms of service the company provides all its users. Thus, there is no legal action you can take against Instagram if the company prevents you from engaging in certain activities because you wouldn’t have legal basis. The company can restrict you from engaging in any action, ranging from posting content and being followed to following other people on the platform. The restriction can last as long as the company sees fit, which could also range from a few days to multiple months.

Temporary account ban

This action is usually taken in cases that are more severe and require more severe punishment than just action blocks. For instance, your account may be banned temporarily if you automate a lot of actions in your account or send spam to other users. The length of the ban will also vary depending on the severity of your offense. However, once the ban is lifted, you will be able to do everything on Instagram like anybody else in most cases. However, Instagram may also choose to place a block on some actions immediately you come from an account ban.

Permanent account ban

Policies maintain by the company give it exclusive rights to terminate your account at any time for any reason they deem makes it necessary. This is usually the last option and the company has to say goodbye to you. This is a bad situation and may prevent you from opening another account in future. Thus, only engage in automation and buying followers if you think it is worth being kicked out of Instagram for life. In my opinion, you are better off not engaging in spending your money to buy real followers on Instagram. 

Can Instagram ban you when you buy Instagram followers in the UK?

You might be wondering if Instagram can ban you when you buy Instagram followers in the UK? The answer is no. We interviewed the owners from all the best websites to buy Instagram followers in the UK and they all told us that even after up to 10 years doing their business, literally no one ever got banned from Instagram after buying Instagram followers from the UK. It is a myth and Instagram never actually does that. Because millions of people are buying Instagram followers from the UK so Instagram doesn’t want to lose so many of their users.

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