How Frequently Do You Have to See A Dentist?


Many people avoid the dentist because of fear and anxiety. They might think they should put off routine care and wait until a problem arises before seeing a dentist. However, this is not the wisest approach.

Routine dental visits are important for looking after your oral health. Nowadays, many dentists recommend that their patients visit the office once every six months for a dental check-up. If you have any specific concerns, you may need to schedule more appointments than this. These concerns include:

When You’re Pregnant

If you are pregnant, you must see New Smile Dental during the second trimester of your pregnancy. The dentist can check on your teeth and gum’s health and discuss how best to care for them throughout the pregnancy. Your dentist will also need to know if you have any changes in the color or shape of your nipples or any changes in your gums. These might be symptoms of preeclampsia which is a serious complication during pregnancy.

When You Have Diabetes

If you have diabetes, visiting the dentist often is extremely important. People who do not monitor and treat their condition properly can develop gum disease. As a result, controlling their blood sugar levels becomes much more difficult. Talk to your dentist if you experience any pain or discomfort in your mouth or gums. These might be an early sign of oral cancer.

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When You’re a Smoker

Smokers are more likely to develop gum disease, so they regularly visit the dentist for professional cleaning. Research has shown that smokers have a harder time healing from procedures such as surgery and root canal therapy than nonsmokers do.

When You’re Overweight

If you’re overweight, you must keep your weight under control and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Such helps minimize your risk of developing gum disease. Your dentist may recommend increased dental visits to help you reduce the amount of plaque that collects on your teeth and gums. Excess weight will make controlling your plaque levels difficult.

When You’re a Heart Patient

If you have a heart condition, you must visit your dentist regularly. Gum disease can increase the risk of stroke or heart attack. You need to watch out for symptoms like any changes in the color or shape of your gums and bleeding from your gums when brushing and flossing. If you notice this, make an appointment to see your dentist right away.

When You Have Receding Gums

If you have receding gums, you must regularly visit the dentist to ensure that this condition does not worsen over time. This is because if your gums keep receding, bone loss can occur. This makes it more difficult for dentists to treat root canals or place dental implants in your mouth.

When You Have Loose Teeth

If you have particularly loose teeth, you need to see your dentist regularly to monitor how this condition is progressing. Sometimes, the problem with loose teeth is caused by gum disease, which needs to be treated as soon as possible.

If You Have Sensitive Teeth

Many people experience sensitivity when they eat ice cream, drink hot drinks, or consume anything too warm or cold. If your teeth are particularly sensitive to certain temperatures, it could be a result of tooth decay. You need to get your cavity filled as soon as possible. This will stop the tooth from becoming more sensitive as it can signify a bigger problem.

When You Notice Any Changes in Your Oral Health

In case of any changes in your oral health, such as a lump, bump, redness, or pain in your mouth or throat, you should make an appointment with your dentist. This could be something quite simple, like a badly fitting filling. However, you need to take care of these issues before things worsen.

It is important that you visit the dentist regularly as it ensures that you can detect any problems before they turn severe and costly to fix. If you have diabetes, a heart condition, or if you’re overweight, there are certain symptoms that your dentist will be aware of. In case of any pain or discomfort, it is best to talk to your dentist soon.

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