How Fashion Nova Partnered With Megan Thee Stallion To Support Casa De Esperanza


In its recent philanthropic initiative, Fashion Nova, a popular online fast-fashion brand, partnered with celebrated cultural icon Megan Thee Stallion to support Casa De Esperanza through a $25K donation.

Since its launch in 2006, Fashion Nova has always been on the front line when it comes to giving back to the community. In March 2021, this fastest growing fashion brand joined hands with Megan Thee Stallion to launch a philanthropic initiative dubbed Women on Top.

This initiative was launched in honor of Women’s History Month to empower women in different sectors through financial support offered in the form of grants, donations, and scholarships.

Richard Saghian, Fashion Nova’s founder and CEO, stated that women’s empowerment has always been a part of this brand’s guiding principle. In this statement, Saghian said, “At Fashion Nova, women empowerment and ongoing advocacy for diversity and inclusion have always been part of our guiding principles.” There was no better time for Fashion Nova to show its commitment to serving women than during Women’s History Month.

The partnership between Fashion Nova and Megan brought to the table $1M distributed to different pre-selected women-based and female-led institutions, organizations, and female entrepreneurs, each walking away with funds amounting to $25K or more.

One of the recipients, Casa De Esperanza, the largest Latina-founded and operated organization in the US focusing on domestic violence, received $25k worth of donations. This donation was made to support Casa de Esperanza’s endless efforts in fighting gender-based violence in the Latina community.

As a continuation of his statement during the launch of the Women on Top project, Saghian added, “We believe the world will be a better place when all women are provided the opportunity to maximize their potential. This program was created to give women a greater advantage as they pursue their passions.”

In addition to this, Megan also made a few remarks and said, “These donations are life-changing and will help women of all ages get one step closer to making their dreams a reality.”

Fashion Nova acknowledged this donation through a post on its official Fashion Nova Cares Instagram handle, “With nearly 40 years of experience, @casa_de_esperanza is the largest Latina founded, led, and operated organization in the country focusing on domestic violence. Their work is grounded in community wisdom, building greater safety, community connectedness, and self-sufficiency for Latin@ domestic violence survivors, their families, and communities. Through educational programs, national legislative work, and emergency services, Casa de Esperanza continues to place community engagement at the center of all their prevention and intervention initiatives.”

On the receiving end, Casa De Esperanza expressed their gratitude through a Facebook post that read, “We’re so thankful to Fashion Nova in partnership with Megan Thee Stallion for their generous donation!”

This project ran from March 8 to March 31, 2021, following a series of other philanthropic initiatives by Fashion Nova under the Fashion Nova Cares umbrella. Previously, in April 2020, Fashion Nova launched a non-profit arm labeled Fashion Nova Cares to oversee all the company’s operations concerning community-based projects.

The other community-based initiatives initiated by Fashion Nova to give back to the community include the Covid 19 relief fund and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) donation.

The Covid 19 relief fund was launched in partnership with celebrated American rapper Cardi B to help the minority Americans affected by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, where donations amounting to $1M were distributed to different qualifying individuals.

Through the other initiative, BLM donation, Fashion Nova gave $1M in support for campaigns against racial injustices and inequality.

Indeed, Fashion Nova always has the interests of the community it serves at heart!

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