How Does the Mediclaim Premium Calculator Help You While Buying a Policy?


A Mediclaim premium calculator is a tool that helps you to determine the premium of a health insurance or Mediclaim policy before buying it. Before the online processes and availability of premium calculators, the person has to schedule a meeting, meet an agent, who would tell him about various benefits of the policy and the amount. But, after buying it, you come to know that there are various hidden charges that you have not been told before. Using a Mediclaim premium calculator helps you avoid all this and also makes the process hassle free.

Benefits of Using a Premium Calculator:

  • It helps you to avoid all the unnecessary steps of visiting the company or agent, meeting, etc.
  • The premium can be calculated very easily online at your fingertips. All you need is an internet connection and the premium can be calculated from your smartphone or web browser of your computer.
  • You can get all the premium calculated, without any hidden charges, and that too, before buying the policy.
  • You can also opt for any add ons depending upon your requirements, during the premium calculation.
  • You can modify any data while calculating the premium, as many times as you want.
  • You are under no pressure of buying the policy straight away, you can choose any date as per your preference.

Care Insurance, formerly known as Religare health insurance also provides a well and sophisticated premium calculator. It is among the top insurance providers in India with a large network of hospitals, 24×7 claim support, etc.

Factors Affecting the Premium Calculated:

While calculating the premium, using a premium calculator, various things affect the amount of your Mediclaim policy. Such as:

  • The age of the person for whom the policy is being bought. The premium of a Mediclaim policy or health insurance increases with the age, as the health risk increases with time.
  • Whether the person is suffering from any pre existing illness or any critical illness.
  • The medical history of the individual also plays an important role, as individuals with a medical history have a higher chance of getting that illness.
  • If the policy is for the long term, the insurance companies provide some discount on the premium.
  • The plan which you have opted for during the calculation. If there are add ons, the premium increases according to the extras that you have selected.
  • The insurance companies also provide a no claim bonus if the policies you have bought earlier were not claimed by you.

There are various things that you can keep in mind to reduce the premium amount which is calculated. If you are financially stable, you should go for a long-term plan. If able, you should opt for a top up plan as it helps you provide better coverage, at a relatively lower price than buying a new policy all along.

At last, it is your needs that decide which Mediclaim do you require for the wellbeing of your family and parents.

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