How Do You Manage Your Weight?


Managing a healthy weight does not only help you to look and feel better but is good for your overall health. Meeting your goal weight is the first step in making a healthy and better lifestyle adjustment. Kalpana Desai, MD, at Integrated Family Medical Center, helps you incorporate exercises, eat whole, and spend less time on computers and screens for your weight management in Lady Lake, Florida.

Weight management

To achieve and maintain a healthy weight, you need healthy eating habits, physical activities, optimal sleep, and stress reduction. Your health should be your priority; therefore, mental awareness of your daily activities should count a lot in this journey.

Outlined below is all you need to do to maintain a healthy weight for confidence and a healthy body.

Exercise often. If you have high levels of activities and set your exercise goal, you are more likely to maintain a healthy weight than your inactive counterpart.

Eat a healthy breakfast daily. Most people consume breakfast daily, but it will only do you good if you have a healthy and well-balanced breakfast.

Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and avoid sweetened beverages if you want to have a healthy weight and avoid gaining a few pounds with sugar-sweetened beverages.

Eat whole food. Always focus on healthy eating plans such as unprocessed food containing lean protein sources and lower fat to keep the excess weight off.

Eat responsibly and mindfully. You should always pay attention to the portions you eat, choose food wisely during occasions, and avoid overeating if you care about your weight management goals.

Planning your meals ahead of time when you plan your meals, whether home-cooked or those you book at restaurants, helps you make healthier choices that are not influenced by physical hunger.

Have cookbooks. Also, it would help if you got extra ideas on your meals to avoid having the same healthier choices each time, making you become bored and deviate from your health plans.

Decrease screen time. Most people nowadays work online, and therefore, decreasing screen time can be frustrating due to the rash of finishing your work on time. Therefore, limit the amount of time on your screen and take breaks to walk around before continuing.

Monitor yourself. You are just an enemy of yourself and your friend; thus, monitoring yourself is key to maintaining that weight to look and feel better, and of course, for your health.

Join a weight management program. The more and longer you engage in weight management plans, the better and long-lasting success of maintaining a healthy weight for a lifetime. You may be 60 years but still look 30.

Keep a positive attitude. Always believe in yourself, keeping in mind that sometimes you are better than others. Pick yourself up when you overeat and correct the mistake.

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Always build a support group that relates to your problem and think of long-term measures.

Talk to your weight management specialist today

Everyone wants to have a healthy weight. But to do so, you need yourself first. Once you have a positive attitude and are willing to keep that weight, health is what you need in the long run. Conduct Kalpana Desai, MD, at Integrated Family Medical Center, in Lady Lake, Florida, and get weight management guidance.

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