How Do You Get More Votes For Online Contest Entries?


Social media is a place where one can show their skill. From photography to writing, there are various contests that one can take part in. Once you take part in these contests, you provide your outstanding entry and sit back while relaxing. But it is not the way you can win.

Even if your entry is very creative, you need to gain votes to be the winner. Some of them use a different kind of voting system to pick up the final list. Based on these votes, your win or loss will be decided.

There are many ways you can earn the votes to win an online competition. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Ask for help from your family members and friends.

Your family or friends may not make you win the online contest. But they are the best ones to start from. The personal contacts of yours are one of the most powerful resources when it comes to procuring votes for social media online contests.

Your family members or friends can multiply your votes by referring your contest link to acquaintances or other coworkers. It creates the most potent ripple effect. With this networking, you can quickly gain easy and legitimate votes

  • Use other social media to hold your work

There are lots of other social platforms where you can share your contest links. It can help you get more votes. You can even ask for the votes on your contest link on these social networking sites. These are not pushy votes but real people offering their votes.

  • Visit different forums that offer the exchange of votes.

Many savings and sweepstakes forums provide you the opportunity to ask for votes. When you support the other members of a similar discussion, they offer votes in exchange for the support. It is simply a give-and-take process.

  • Buying votes

You can buy votes from voting agencies for contests. It is one of the easiest ways to gain votes as certain companies provide boards in exchange for some monetary benefits. These companies offer votes in the fairest way possible. They have different packages that cater to diverse individuals. If you can buy votes from a simple website, then they won’t offer you any shady or spammy votes that can block your account or disqualify you from the contest.

  • Recruit media for the help

If you are lucky enough to have contacts in the local media organizations, they might help you gain votes. It comes with a price deduction from your pocket. The media people might enjoy the human interest piece and help you achieve your valuable options.

  • Organize your giveaway

It is one of the best ways to encourage people to vote for you. Most of the winners of online contests gain their votes or generate their votes by organizing their giveaway. It is one of the options where you can spread the news about the online competition.

  • Generate from Facebook

It is one of the ways where you can get votes. You can either join a vote exchange group to remind your friends to give you a vote on the online contest. If you are a game addict of Farmville or Candy crush, you can even trade your in-game gifts for the valuable votes.


There are a lot of shady ways to win these online voting contests. Make sure that you don’t use any unconventional methods to win these contests.

Most of the contests have different ways to analyze the votes of their participants. If one uses any illegitimate or spammy votes, then they might be disqualified from the entry. Be sure to stick to the general rules of the contest and use these methods to gain votes

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