How do I know if my metal is worth money?


If you just recently built or renovated your home, there is a possibility that you will have so many leftovers like a heap of sand and some scraps of metal. The sand can go back and join Mother Earth but the metals lying down won’t go back to dust. These metals lying around can be turned into cash. It will be very important that you know the worth of those metals that are causing a nuisance in your surroundings.


This metal is one of the most common metals that lay around idle around your vicinity. Copper is one of the most sought after metals by scrap yards. This metal is valuable and that’s why it gets stolen often. So if you have some old electrical appliances or some copper wires or some old pipes discarded during plumbing work, then protect it because that’s some cash. There is some copper in building gutters and old boilers. You can find copper wires in old computers, washing machines, blenders and much more. If you have any of these that you want to discard, then go to a scrap dealer like and you will get paid handsomely.


If you have some steel pipes or old ladders or coat beams in your metal collection, then you are holding on to some precious metals. If you have some stainless steel, then you should ensure that you keep this very well. You can find stainless steel in catering tools, countertops, old fridges, and driers. Steel is worth less than stainless steel and that’s why you should be on the lookout for things like this. Note that some scrap yards in the UK pay less for stainless steel that has some grease or oil on it compared to clean stainless steel.


Aluminium is one of the most common metals you see around. Even a 10-year-old kid can point to a metal made out of aluminium. It can be found in awnings, computers, bike frames, gutters, satellite dishes, gaming consoles, sidings and many more building materials. This metal has very lightweight and that’s why it is commonly used. This metal is useful in scrap yards as it can be supplied to bottling companies. You can sell your aluminium at an average price of £0.50 – £1.20 per Kg.


Lead is an extremely profitable metal. It is not commonly available around finished building projects due to its health hazards. It is also difficult to transport due to its heavyweight. Lead can be found in car batteries and old lead pipes. Like we said, it’s profitable so scrap metal recycling companies go through the trouble of locating it and purchasing it.

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