How Common are Laser Hair Removal Burns?


When you look into getting laser hair removal, there are a lot of different questions and concerns that may arise with your first attempt. Among the concerns of price, doing it yourself at home versus going to a professional, and possible pain, there is another thing you may be overlooking: the possibility of a laser hair removal burn.

Though not all too common, laser hair removal burns can occur and they can be pretty painful. But just how often do they happen? Let’s find out.

How do they Happen?

First, how do you get a burn when receiving laser hair treatment? The answer is pretty simple.

Laser hair removal actually works by emitting a powerful light beam into the melanin of the hair, which gets converted to heat energy. That heat energy effectively burns the hair off, destroying the hair follicle that produces the hair itself.

Burns occur when this light that is supposed to target the hair ends up zapping your skin, instead. This happens most frequently when improper use of the laser occurs. Whether it’s because it was done by an inexperienced technician, incorrect heat, or even a wrong laser machine altogether, laser burns are a result of a failure of the system.

These laser hair removal burns can be pretty serious, causing first-degree burns that lead to some sores and blisters. That’s a big ouchie.

How Often do they Happen?

How often laser hair removal burns happen depends on how you are getting them done. If you attempt to do a laser hair treatment alone with a small machine at your home, the chances of you giving yourself a burn are much higher. News of kannada

Though there aren’t cold hard facts on this, laser burns do happen, especially during at-home use. Those major burns are a lot less common, but minor burns occur pretty often.

The same goes for less expensive or less experienced laser hair removal operators or technicians, as they may not know how to operate the machinery as well.

Luckily, if you go to a professional medical spa and get the treatment done by someone who knows what they’re doing, the chances of you getting burned are highly unlikely. You just have to make sure to take the proper steps necessary to prevent them from happening.

How You Can Avoid Them

The best way that you can prevent yourself from getting a laser burn is to go to a reputable professional in the field. Going to a medspa with licensed professionals, though usually a bit pricier, ensures that there is next to no chance of getting a laser burn.

Buying a laser hair removal machine for at-home use is a very risky choice to make. You’re trusting yourself to handle a piece of machinery that requires a lot of knowledge to use, and since the machine is also inferior to the ones used at medspas, the chances of you burning yourself go up exponentially. 

You aren’t a professional hair removal expert. Though you can probably shave your legs at home easily, a laser is next level in hair removal tech. Save yourself and your skin by not buying a DIY laser.

It’s also important to note that different lasers work on different skin types and hair types. All the more reason to go to a professional medspa that can 

You Can Prevent Them and Protect Your Skin

The most important thing to note is that laser hair removal burns are completely preventable. Reduce your risk as much as possible by not trying to do it at your house. The extra few bucks will ensure the best results and protect you from any unfortunate mishaps.

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