How Can Your Hoodie Be a Style Statement?


For comfort and style, a hoodie is an excellent choice in men’s wear. Even though hoodie is a sportswear, it is being adapted as luxury wear in recent past. The hoodie sweatshirt was first introduced during the 1930s by the sportswear brand,Champion. It became familiar during the sixties as it was the most sought-after choice by young college students. Hoodie was much embraced in the seventies by people from various walks of life. Even though the hoodie style was looked down on during the nineties, the style has picked up in recent years. The sheer comfort and styling with personalized hoodies  is the reason for its success.

How To Choose The Right Hoodie?

To choose the most appropriate hoodie for your needs, you should focus on craftsmanship and fit. The good quality hoodie should be versatile and should offer outstanding comfort.

Zips type – If you go for zip variety, it can be worn open or close based on the environmental conditions. If the climate is warm, you can keep the zip open as you will be comfortable with ventilation. During winter, you can zip it and unzip as soon as you feel warm.

Pull-over type – To get more space, you can opt for a pull-over type of hoodie. The comfort level with the pull-over type is higher than the zip-type of the hoodie. There will be higher necklines and side silts in the pull-over type of garment. However, it will not have a ribbed hem.


While you shop for a hoodie, you should buy the correct size that is fit for your personality. Care should be taken that no snagging appears around the shoulders. As the hoodie is meant for layering, you should get a snug-fit version. Ideally, you can own both the relaxed and snug fit version to wear the garment for different occasions. Even though you come across various embroidered hoodies, you should never compromise on the comfort level.

Fabric role

The comfort that you will enjoy wearing a hoodie is also based on the type of fabric. You can have ultimate comfort by going for the cotton jersey version. The cotton jersey is the most commonly worn hoodie by sportspersons. If you are transitioning from spring to autumn or vice versa, you can look back on cotton.

All the seams should be knitted together in a hoodie. For high-end comfort and style, you can go for a cashmere type of fabric. A cotton sweatshirt will be breathable, and it will absorb the sweat in a very efficient manner.

Tips For Choosing a Hoodie 

If you are new to style yourself with a hoodie, you can go through the following tips to make the most of the selection:

  • Choose the garment as per the functionality. If you would like to get into a relaxed mode, you can choose the cotton jersey type. The look and finish will be optimum if you go for cashmere fabric.
  • The hoodie can be worn as an inner layer piece and it can be a replacement for a waistcoat. Enough care should be taken to choose the snug fit as it will directly impact your look.
  • It can be worn along with a t-shirt and boots or sneakers. The appearance will be smooth by wearing on washed denim.
  • A hoodie is a perfect layering piece of the garment during the winter season.

When you add a formal outfit to the hoodie, it may knock down the appearance drastically. While choosing the combinations, you should be aware of the social acceptance also. 

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