How can you get rid of mice in the house!


Mice and rats are a widespread problem. But when you see them very often, you might probably think that “How many mice live in my house?” And it’s not wrong at all. It will be the wrong decision if you don’t take any step against this problem. So when you see any mouse at home running with your food, evict them and destroy their living place. Do you want to know what you should do? And which things do you need to consider before starting a war against those tiny foxy mice? Then here are some facts that you should know. Read the points and details carefully.

  1. Be a detective

Before thinking about catching mice, you have to do a little bit of detective work. Search for their entry point. Find out where they are coming from to steal food. You can put traps those place instead of keeping traps randomly all over the home. Your attempt will come true if you can find where they are living and building nests. Once if you can find those areas, you can set traps around these public places. A professional exterminator can do the task the most easily. And put traps exactly and how many need.

  1. Try caulk and steel wool. 

If you can manage the infestation inside, you need to be sure that no additional mice can make the way in. You should pay attention to one fact that mice can adjust themselves through openings the size of a dime. And rats can go through something like the size of a quarter! But there is good news too. Mice can’t eat through steel wool or caulk. Find where pipes enter into your house and along with basement foundations. Replace your weather stripping and screened the vents and chimney’s openings.

  1. Don’t forget about the garage

Do you have a garage in your house? It would help if you were more careful then. If mice can get into the garage then will make this “a mice kingdom” in some days. It’s widespread that you can’t clean your garage every week or every month. And most of the time you have to keep many tools and other cleaning machines in this room. So it’s an excellent place to hide and stay for the mice. They also can enter into the house by this. Make sure that you will also take steps preventing mice from the place.

  1. Keep branches and shrubbery away

It would help if you cut shrubbery and branches back from the exterior of your building. Mice like to use those as highways and path to enter into your house. So if you want to make safe your living house from mice truly, you should consider this fact. You have to keep stacks of firewood minimum of twenty feet from the main house. Mice love to make a nest in those piles. You also have to check them, again and again, is there any mouse or rat or not.

Final consideration

Mice want the same things that a human need to stay alive. A shelter to stay, food to survive and water to quench the thirst- are their primary demand. Mice stay on those houses where they get their demand. So you home can be a safe zone for living easily. When you will attack their place and stop their entry point, they won’t get any point to living there. Yes, you also have to use traps and call an exterminator for getting the best result. This method will help you to get rid of mice quickly and entirely.

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