How can you check the KBC lottery online?


“Kaun Banega Crorepati” or KBC has already crossed so many years with satisfying audiences. Though most people only know about Television shows, KBC holds different types of competition too. If you are an Indian and have an Indian SIM card, you can usually take the chance to participate in that real “kbc lottery“. Before trying to those events, you should know more about them and check about all the information online. Read all it out, and it will help you to make your next step about KBC.

KBC official website

Most people don’t even know much about the KBC show and how they host all their events. And that’s the most significant fact that people can get any lucky lottery or chance to win massive amounts of money. If you want to know the detail and all of the legal information about the “kbc lottery winner“, you must go to their main official website. Here they have described everything that you need. You will get how many times, or which types of competitions are still available for you and how will you join in them. If there is any update for the show, the website will first update a post of that.

KBC SIM Card Lucky Draw

KBC arranges a SIM card lucky draw every month. But there is nothing much you can do. Most of the time, it depends on luck. Many people every month get prize money. As the prize money is enormous, about twenty-five lakh, it is enough to change anybody fate. But luck doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything. If you genuinely want to win KBC prize money, you should have kept an Indian Sim card. It doesn’t matter it belongs to which company. KBC authority arranges for a draw and picks some phone numbers for giving the prize. If you’re lucky, you will see your phone number on their official website addressing a random SIM card draw winner!

Jio KBC lottery

There is another KBC lottery event, but it only chooses Jio SIM card users. And if you have a JIO SIM Card, you are on the list that may get the chance to win the Jio KBC lottery. But for this, you have to keep it open and activate your SIM card constantly. Otherwise, the KBC authority will not recognize you or announce you as a winner. One thing more, make sure that the SIM card has a registration in your name. Otherwise, the prize money will transfer who is the principal owner of the SIM card.


The most famous show of India, KBC, holds a show every year and calls people to participate in the live show and win money as much as possible. The host of this show is big star Amitabh Bacchan. At the show, he will ask you questions, and for every correct answer, you will earn a considerable amount of money. So, you can also take part in the show!

Final verdict

KBC helps Indian people in so many ways as they give lottery and lucky draws every month and give prizes to many people. The vast money prize changes their life. And that’s the main reason behind the fantastic success of KBC. But you also should be aware of any scammer or cheater. Many fraud people call others and ask them that they have owned huge money from KBC. But they have to give their necessary information to make sure about identity. Don’t fall for the scam. If you want to be sure, you can check the KBC website and find your phone number on the list or not.

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