How Can We Improve Our Working with Screen Recorder for Pc? 


In the current exceptional circumstances, linked to the threat of the epidemic, teleworking must be the rule for all the activities which allow it. Clearly, working from home is no longer an option for bosses, employees and self-employed entrepreneurs.

If we add to this the closure of universities for the benefit of distance learning, as well as the strengthening of the health protocol in high schools (classroom reception could reach the limit of 50% in the most frequented establishments), It is therefore understandable that a large part of the people must no longer rely on their computer and Internet connection to hope to continue their professional or school activities.

But can we reasonably think that attending a distance learning course is the same as taking it in class? That organizing meetings by phone or video presentations is like talking face to face? Not to mention the hazards specific to the network, sources of daily hassle for those who have to deal with a breakdown, an unstable connection or a limited data plan.

So what can we do to try to improve our daily life in the face of this kind of disappointment? One of the solutions would be to use a screen recording software and make available video resources for colleagues or pupils in difficulty. A simple and effective way to take a rest at what has been said during the day.

DemoCreator: a scalable solution for all user profiles

WondershareDemoCreatormakes editing video assets a snap. Whether it is for presentations, provision of documents, training recordings or the creation of tutorials allowing remote assistance, the software includes many easy-to-use tools within an easy-to-use interface, both intuitive and flexible.

The particularity of DemoCreator lies in its double structure since the program allows both to record rushes, but also to edit them, to compile them to other existing files on the hard disk and to export them in the desired format.

Due to its ergonomics and its wide range of functionalities (basic and advanced), DemoCreator is aimed at both users new to the world of editing and more experienced users. This evolutionary character is the strength of this software that we learn to master without ever experiencing its limits.

What can we do concretely with DemoCreator?

Being independent during a pandemic is a necessity. Alone with your PC, you can’t afford to need assistance yourself to produce content that will help others. Wondershare has understood this and made DemoCreator a software that is as complete as it is easy to learn.

The first essential functionality offered by DemoCreator is its recorder. Whether it is to capture the screen or the flow of his webcam, the user benefits from a preconfigured, but customizable module. Objective: record all or part of your screen in high resolution and, why not, animate your video using webcam shots directly integrated into the editing as PIP (Picture-in-Picture).

We must also highlight the ingenuity of the editing tools made available by DemoCreator. In addition to the classic and ergonomic interface of the editing table, DemoCreator’s solution provides for some basic options such as cropping, transitions or modifying the speed at which shots are broadcast. Better yet: the available annotations module helps presentation authors to better communicate their ideas.

On the export side of projects, DemoCreator bends to everyone’s uses, supporting MOV, MP4, MP3, WMV, AVI, and GIF formats.

It is also recalled that DemoCreator supports a very large number of multimedia input formats including the traditional AVI, MKV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, MPEG, VOB, WMV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, M4A, MP3, WMA, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and TIFF.

What’s the price of DemoCreator

All features of DemoCreator are free, including saving and exporting projects. DemoCreator is free to download and there are two plans offered by Wondershare for both Windows and macOS users:

– Subscription plan: for $32.99 / year, you get full functionality, remove watermark from videos, get technical support and receive free software updates.

– Perpetual license: For $59.99 you get full functionality, remove watermark from videos and get technical support for the software.

How to install and use DemoCreator?

Start by downloading DemoCreator. Click on the saved file to start the installation wizard. In theory, all you have to do is click on the “Install” button and then wait until the process is complete. You can nevertheless customize the installation directory and change the language of the software by clicking on “Customize the installation”, at the bottom right of the wizard.

Click “Finish” to complete the software installation and start DemoCreator immediately.

Record your screen with DemoCreator:

Run DemoCreator to access the software home page. Click on “New recording” to create your rushes.

In the dialog box that opens, change the settings for the recording area. You can capture the entire screen, select a specific window, or customize the size of the area.

For custom measurements, you can choose between specifying precise dimensions or manually cropping the capture area using the framing handles. To move the area, make a long left click on the icon located in the center of the frame, and drag your mouse.

DemoCreator is also a screen recorder with audio. To the right of the recording area settings, drag the microphone slider to adjust the sound volume, and click the “speaker” icon to activate or mute system sound recording.

The capture tool is now configured. Click the red button to start recording.

To check that the recording has started well, you can refer to the stopwatch under the red button, but also check that the borders of the capture area are flashing.

You can pause the recording at any time to resume it later), add a bookmark to your capture or delete and re-record your rush. To finish capturing and save your clip, click the red button again.


WondershareDemoCreator is a complete tool for recording screen and audio as well as editing the recordings with ease and fun.With a low subscription fee, DemoCreator is one of the best solutions for beginners.

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