Hormone Replacement Therapy – How to Improve and Improve HRT


I vividly remember my mother and her friends talking about their problems. How she struggled for years with mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, and everything that comes with this most difficult time for women. In my mother’s case, she finally gave up and decided it was time to give Hormone replacement therapy a shot. There was a difference in his mood and a change in his attitude.

I should also mention that what she was using were bio-identical hormones that are more natural to the body than artificial HRT and gave her peace of mind that artificial HRT cannot. So, although she felt better emotionally and biophysically, she said she felt she lacked that extra thing in the way of excitement. It doesn’t matter what she tries to do in the exercise, she just can’t stand it, which will ultimately lead to a domino effect. No exercise – no energy – no energy – no exercise, and no weight control when combined.

And even when he tried to inspire, it would inevitably be for a short time, because he did not have the energy to see it. (This is where I come in). I’ve heard two women in my gym talk about HRT, and how middle life has made it so difficult to control your weight and stay active. One of the ladies introduced me to what I wanted to say, a miracle in the mirror! After trying it and feeling so much better, I gave it to my mom to try and she couldn’t believe what difference it made in her energy.

Now she says that not only does she have the energy she lacked, but this super-vitamin drink has added to the exercise she has been missing for so long. Also, being a sensitive person, she loved the way this product not only gave her sustainable energy but also did not frighten her. She is now consistently working on her workout routine, and with her HRT, she said, she finally feels healthy and full.

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