Home staging tips to maximise the value of your home


Staging helps to sell the home at the highest price possible and minimise its time on the market. As the property market is getting competitive, staging is a sure shot technique to gain the edge over the competition. Staging can sometimes become very costly leading to sellers not being able to regain the money. But there are also few low-cost staging techniques that you could do with minimal efforts to elevate your home. Experts including Sittingbourne letting agents agree that staging is a wise move for sellers to help them seal a deal at their asking price. 

Define a purpose for every room

It is not a good idea for a potential buyer to walk into your home and think about what a room was being meant for and how it was laid out initially. Hence it is important to define every room’s purpose. You cannot club a gym in a dining area as it could look extremely awkward spoiling the mood of the home. Ensure there are proper tables and seating in the dining area to help the buyers envision themselves in the house in the future. Likewise, if you are converting a bedroom into a home office ensure you do it convincingly by putting up a great set-up. Ensure the room looks spacious enough to use as a spare bedroom as the potential buyer may want to use it that way. 

Maximise your square footage

Ensure you put every square footage in the house to increase the livable space in your property. Organise your closets and show them around to those who come for viewing to give them an impression of the spacious and usable spaces in your home. Apart from this, get rid of huge furniture in the hallway and bedrooms to make the room more spacious and welcoming. Keep the bare minimums in each room so that potential buyers can get the idea that each room is designed to be highly useful and is still spacious and airy. 

Focus on lighting

Lighting plays a major role in making your home look large and airy. A brightly lit home is the most welcoming one for buyers. If any portion of your home is gloomy with dim lights, brighten up the space with new lighting. Rearrange spaces to allow ample natural lighting into the properties. In the nooks, be sure to step up the lighting to give a collectively spacious look to the property. Placing a desk lamp in a dimly lit spot won’t cost you much but can make the whole difference to your space. Think of such smart ways to light up your home and make it sell for the price it deserves. 

Choose neutral tones

Think neutral when you become ready to sell your Los Angeles home. From furniture to paint, choose neutral tones to be able to appeal to everyone. Floral and pinkish hues are a big no like the taste your buyer can be anything from rustic to boho. The last thing a minimalist wants is to see a big pink floral cushion in the hallway. Hence to play safe and help people reimagine themselves in the spaces, go for neutral tones across your property. From wall painting to furnishing neutral goes a long way in impressing the potential buyer coming to view your home. 

Concentrate on the outdoors

Outdoors give the potential buyer the first impression of the property. There are many sales that came crashing down due to a poorly kept main door of the house. Overgrown gardens, weeds and garbage bins are a huge turn off to people who come to your property. As we call it the kerb appeal, having fresh flowering plants lining your fence and freshly mowed lawns can instantly brighten the mood of the potential buyers who come in for a viewing. Hence invest in the landscaping and also pitch in for some patio furniture. The buyers will be impressed by the thought of having a refreshing tea during the summer outdoors.  

Staging is not a guarantee to sell your home for 2 times the price. Staging is a tool you can use to woo your buyers and help them look at your property in the most positive way. Staging can help you negotiate for the asking price if you have freshly done the painting job and set up cabinets in the kitchen. Thus staging can help you justify your asking price and will also give an impression to the buyer that they do not spend extra on the property before they move in for replacements and facelifts.

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