Home Safety: A Simple Guide to Choose Different Door Lock Types

A door lock without standardized features is like a boat without a rudder. It is clearly understood with the professional services of Locksmith in Los Angeles. You need to know about the locks for your front and back doors for your secured home. This post is a useful guide to find out what types of door locks are suitable for your residence.

  • 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

This lock is suitable for the front door and black door. It is easily fitted to wooden doors and simply locked with tight security from both the inside and outside with a key. They are fixed within the door’s material but not on the surface.

A homeowner should understand the difference between a three lever lock and a five-lever lock. Three lever lock is less secure due to its fewer levers that increase key duplication risk. Moreover, five lever lock can be keyed alike. Also, the lock seems beautiful and amazing to house décor.

  • Multi-point Locking System

It has multi-functions and is a multi-point lock system is fitted into the body of the locks and door into the frame. The lock with the engaged multiple bolts is placed into the door frame, generally with a minimum of 3 points can be 4 or 5 points.

The lock has many benefits. It has more locking points and needs only one cylinder to lock the full mechanism and be keyed similar to other cylinder locks, resulting in fewer keys required for one property.

  • Rim Automatic Deadlatch

This automatic rim deadlatch is fixed on the inside of your door, with the vital locking cylinder to insert your key to unlock the floor placed on the outside of the door.  This door is commonly fitted to external front and back doors.

Such doors are easy to use and lock automatically once closing. It is fitted on the entry surface and doesn’t need many replacements. Thus, it is of good quality.

  • Strike Plate

It is defined as a plate where the lock attaches to the door frame to place the door to lock it in position. This lock type is a simple metal part, which you can screw to the door frame and is the simple part of a lock to replace if destroyed in case.

This lock’s box is the part of the door frame where the bolt latches and contains a small hole designed to fit the bolt. These bolts have the same size, producing a similar size box that can fit most locks in the home. For instance, the suitable Locksmith in Los Angeles has everything that a homeowner looks for.

  • Doorknob Locks

One can see the most common type of lock, especially at interior doors, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. They are often locks that add grace to the house décor, combined with a deadbolt or other for a more secured lock.

These locks have different locking mechanisms within the doorknob and contain a single or double cylinder, as per the lock’s position, whether placed insider or outside of the door.

  • Handleset

With high demand, this lock has a handle on the outer side and either a keyed unlocking on the inner side to lock it. It is the type of lock that features a deadbolt instead of a spring bolt for extra safety. It serves similar use as a doorknob lock and gives a more appealing look to the home’s exterior.

  • Handle Levers

This type of lock is the right choice for inside doors, such as basement doors or closets. These levers feature a simple handle lever on one side and a twist knob. It cannot be considered a good option for entry or front doors for security purposes. However, they are convenient to use and can be opened with one hand. It is useful while you carry groceries or laundry through the home.

Though you can get affordable door locks, choosing quality provides you long-term benefits. To prevent your home from theft, burglars, or any other problem, you need to know about the type of door lock for a perfectly secured home. Spend wisely, fix a lock to your home door and experience a happy living! You can get the locks online and meet your requirements for residential and commercial purposes at your best.

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