History Of MI VS KKR



Team rivalries are an important part of growing team sportsmanship. With the IPL season engulfing the nation, it is that time of the year where we talk about these rivalries, look into their improvements, and try to learn how far they have come as a whole. One such team rivalry that we are going to discuss in this article is going to be about Mumbai Indians and the Kolkata Knight Riders. We will discuss their statistics, aspects of fantasy cricket matches in the IPL season, and look at the overall History of the MI VS KKR match.

History Of MI vs KKR

The Mumbai Indians have always had a heated rivalry going for the Kolkata Knight Riders for a long time which adds spice to the game and attracts a lot of audiences. But as far as improvements are concerned, the Kolkata Knight Riders have failed to play up to their full potential in the last few seasons. They had also failed to qualify for their playoffs in the years of 2019 and 2020 after their poor playing sessions in the first half of the IPL in the last years. Later to these losses, Eoin Morgan was given the position of Captain for the coming seasons.

The teams have clashed with each other for a total of 28 matches with Mumbai Indians leading ahead of Kolkata with 22 wins and 6 losses. The teams had played in their second qualifiers of IPL in 2017 at the stadium of Bengaluru where Mumbai Indians won the match by taking 6 wickets after which KKR lost for just 107 runs in their first innings but Karn Sharma managed to pick up 4 wickets to his name.

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In almost all of the games between the two Rival Teams of MI and KKR, Rohit Sharma has scored the highest runs of 823, followed by Surya Kumar Yadav with the run of 367, and Kieron Pollard with a run of 246 among their current team players. Rohit had also scored his only IPL century against KKR in the year of 2012 in their home ground whereas Sunil Narine had been the most successful in the bowling department with 22 wickets to his name, followed by Jaspreet Bumrah with 12 wickets and Hardik Pandya with 11 wickets.

In the last year of 2020, Mumbai Indians won the games against KKR very easily with their first match of scores marking a total of 195/5 with an 80 run knock by Rohit Sharma which he managed to get in 54 balls. On the other hand, Suryakumar Yadav managed to make some good contributions of a total of 47 runs in 28 balls, chasing the target in which KKR went on to score 146/9 but eventually lost the match by 49 runs.

In the second game of the two teams, KKR chose to bat first and scored 188/5 in 20 overs with Pat Cummins making a half-century for the team. Mumbai Indians chased this target within 16.5 overs and lost only 2 wickets. Quinton de Kock went on to snatch 78 runs off 44 balls and was later named “Player of the Match”.

The Mumbai Indians would be under the captainship of Rohit Sharma while the current captain of the Knights would be Eoin Morgan. The players that one might look out for from the team are Dinesh Karthik who has recently gained a lot of reputation for being a T20 finisher along with Sunil Narine and Andre Russell. We hope that this season we will see great gameplay from both the teams, but especially from the Kolkata Knight Riders.


Sports are an important part of an individual’s life. Since childhood, we have been taught to indulge in gaming activities for our physical and mental improvement but with age, we have learned that it is not just beneficial for our physical strength but teaches us valuable lessons that help us live through our lives. One such important lesson that sports teach us is a healthy team rivalry, how we can better ourselves by learning from our opponents and changing our perspectives for our improvement. We hope that through this article, you learned about the importance of rivalry and the things it teaches us by going through the history of one such important pair of teams like that of Mumbai Indians vs. Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL season. Until then, keep supporting the game and giving the players all of your love.

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