High Protein Meal Shakes are Best to Survive During Travel


What is that one thing that people dearly missed doing during Covid, yes traveling! Traveling is simply too fun to not do for almost two and a half years. For some people traveling is an escape for others, it is a chance to learn something new. For some it is a chance to explore and for some it is an opportunity to connect to themselves.

Many people are into adventure traveling, including camping, hiking, and riding a bike to faraway places. While all of this sounds really fun and exciting, one thing that everyone forgets is that it is difficult to look after your nutrition. Traveling on a road or to remote locations gives us very limited options when it comes to food let alone healthy food.

One great way to overcome this challenge and survive during the trip is to consume instant meal shakes. A high protein meal replacement shake is ideal for carrying during a long journey.

What is a Meal Shake?

A Healthy Nutritional Shake or a Meal Replacement Shake is a health drink that can help one replace one or two meals of their day. Meal Shake contains proteins along with a mix of other macronutrients. It contains carbs and other micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals; thereby it helps in the complete nourishment that a regular meal provides. It’s a meal replacement pumped in a shake that accounts for a 200 – 400 calorie intake. An average Indian meal accounts for 900 calories, so in comparison to that, meal replacement shakes are healthier and more calorie conscious. Such nutritional meal shakes are usually preferred by people who aspire to manage weight and fix their diet. Healthy shakes are supposed to be rich in nutrients since they are supposed to replace a meal and help the consumers elevate their diet and health related needs.

How are Meal Shakes Good for Travel?

It is important to understand that nutrition should not take a back seat during travel. Traveling throws up a lot of challenges in terms of consuming a healthy diet. People might be limited in terms of food options due to the region that they are traveling. There is no guarantee that one can keep up with the schedule to have time to eat. In such cases a high protein meal replacement shake could solve all the problems.

  • Provides all the nutrients

One of the biggest challenges during traveling is a balanced diet or a complete diet with all the essential nutrients. Meal replacement healthy shakes are one stop solution in this scenario. The first option of every individual in such a hasty situation is to grab whatever comes in the first place, be it unhealthy street food or getaways like a burger, thereby putting on calories there and then. Hence meal shakes can be the best choice for all those who want to curb their hunger pangs instantly by eating something tasty, healthy and fulfilling all at once.

  • Helps to fill the nutrition gap

Another note – worthy benefit of meal replacement drinks is that it helps in fulfilling the nutritional gaps by providing a proper meal substitute in the form of a healthy shake. Its rich ingredients and nutritional essence help in matching the nutritional requirements that one gets while they consume an average Indian meal.

  • Very convenient to make

It is difficult to find time or even place to cook a proper meal while traveling. Healthy meal shakes are very easy to make and can satisfy one’s hunger pangs just the way a proper meal is expected to do. A common process to make a meal replacement shake is scoop (add the recommended amount of scoops as per the pack), shake it well and then drink. So, in all it is very convenient and easy to consume.

  • Excellent for people with less appetite

A lot of people just don’t like to eat a lot while traveling. They stick to the food they know and only eat that the whole trip. Some people have less appetite which means they are choosy when it comes to eating. A meal replacement will satisfy nutrition needs and hunger pangs, on the other hand it will be a light course of a meal that would not turn out to be heavy on the stomach. Since no one wants to travel feeling too full and bloated.

Nutrients in an ideal meal replacement shake.

  • App. 45 – 60g of carbohydrates
  • App. 14 -25g Fats
  • App. 20 – 30g protein
  • App. 7- 10g Fiber

Although carbs and fats are essential, a meal replacement shake typically should have a relatively more amount of protein and fiber and lesser amounts of carbs or fats. So, more protein and fiber will improve one’s metabolism and slow down the digestion process. This will in turn keep the body full for a long period of time and will prevent overeating.


Hope this article has helped to address some of the concerns that one may have about having a nutritious meal while traveling. High protein meal replacement shakes are the best option to address all those concerns. With meal shakes for travel, nutrition is one less thing to worry about in the journey. 

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