Here’s Why You Need an Air Track Mat?


Being a Gymnast brings you many pros. You develop motor skills and accelerate learning. Apart from that, flexibility and concentration are improved.  You practice an ideal lifestyle and live a healthy life. Your strength gets enhanced and you become more disciplined. But, have you ever heard about an air track mat? If you don’t, then by the end of this post, you’ll get acquainted with each and every aspect related to the air track mat. So, let’s get started.

What is an Ait Track Mat?

Air track is replacing the traditional gymnastic exercise mat in gymnastic training. But, what this air track mat is, and why is it getting more popular? Let’s find out.

An air track mat is an inflatable surface that is used by gymnasts for practicing at home and the gym. Apart from that, it is used for sports like jumping, tumbling, and much more. Its firmness can be adjusted suitably. Moreover, it comes with a valve system that controls the pressure inside the mat by pulling the air in and out. Thus, you are all set to keep it hard or soft.

Why Should You Buy an Air Track Mat?

As we all know how the greatest global pandemic Covid 19 has impacted our lives. So, many individuals are working from home. Needless to say, working out with an air track mat is fun as well as healthy. It will provide you with the right magnitude of exercise your body deserves. You can slip, slide, do the exercises of your own choice using the air track mat.

Benefits of Air Track Mat

  • Air track mats are safe for gymnastic exercises. They provide you enough support for a safe landing in case you fall.
  • They are thick enough and provide you with a greater outside force to bounce properly.
  • The air track mats are portable. It means you can easily carry them around. They can be easily inflated and deflated. Thus, facilitating mobilization. When deflated, it can be simply rolled up and taken anywhere.
  • It is suitable for various practices and age groups. No matter whether you want to practice gymnastics or do some exercises, the air track mat is there to add a pinch of fun to your workout.

Now that you’ve become aware of the benefits of having an air track mat, let’s have a quick look at the tips to choose the best one. Here are a few of the points listed by Kameymall to select a good air track mat.

How to Choose the Best Air Track?

Inflatable air track mats are a great investment. They come in various shapes and sizes. And, if you are new to gymnastics, it becomes quite difficult to select the best air track mat.


As mentioned earlier, air track mats are inflatable and come in various sizes. Thus, it would be a mighty decision to measure the space where you would like to use the air track mat. Conclude a product with the smallest dimensions


Most of the air track mats are 4 inches’ thick which is considered to be the minimum thickness. However, you can select the air track mats with a thickness between 6 to 8 inches.

Some air track mats are also 10 inches thick. It would be a good decision to pay for them. However, if you have a kid at home, consider buying an air track mat with minimum thickness. This is because falling on such a thickness can hurt your child.

Additional Features:

You may find all air tracks similar if you line them up to select the best one. But if you dive deep into it, you’ll notice a slighter difference between all the air track mats. So, if you are unable to figure out those differences, consider the following:

  • Check whether it is made up of high-quality materials. Most of the air track mats are made of double-walled fabrics.
  • Ensure that the valve on the air track mat to inflate or deflate the air track mat is in good condition and can be used easily.
  • Make sure that the handles and carry bags provided with your air track mats are suitable for easy transportation. Because transportation matters a lot.


Considering all the aforementioned features can go in vain if you select the air track mat opposite to the application for which you’ll use it. Super large air tracks are useful for advanced users. So, if you want to explore your limits, you can challenge yourself with a larger air track mat.

On the other hand, if you are buying an air track mat for regular exercise, consider not buying a large one. Your safety comes first. Therefore, consider buying a pair of safety shoes for women and men too so that you can exercise at the most comfortable level.

Sum Up

That’s all about the air track mat. We hope that after referring to the tips discussed above, you’ll be able to select the best air track mat. However, you can also purchase the one within your budget.

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