Here Is How A Project Manager Can Become a Product Owner


There are a lot of Project Managers who want to become Product Owners. However, before understanding how a Project Manager can become a Product Owner it is very necessary to understand who is a Project Manager and who is a Product Owner. Let’s read further to know.

Who is a Project Manager?

A Project Manager is responsible for many tasks and responsibilities. It involves a well-structured plan with goals and deadlines. At the beginning of the project a concept is drawn, it’s the Project Manager’s responsibility to make sure the team reaches the goals within the assigned deadline. The Project Manager visualizes the goal of the company, tracks the company’s budget, and makes sure that the team is working accordingly. A Project Manager needs to be organized and make sure the team is following all the necessary steps in the correct order. With organizational skills, a Project Manager should also have an understanding of the technical details of the project so in case the team is stuck into a roadblock the Project Manager can help and motivate them.

Who is a Product Owner?

The responsibility that a Product Owner holds is the end product. Therefore, they provide the team with all the required tools that would be essential to get the end product. The Product Owner is the one who is responsible for the final features of the product; hence they need to be in touch with the team as well as be ready to communicate to the stakeholders outside the team to discuss the concerns and ask for feedback.  If you want to be a Product Owner you need to be a big picture thinker, flexible, product-driven, customer-focused, and experimental. You can become a good Scrum Product Owner if you have received Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification Training which is an asset to your knowledge and your skill.

How can you transition yourself from a Project Manager to a Product Owner?

There are few steps that you would need to follow to transition:

  1. Ask yourself the right question to decide whether transitioning from a Project Manager to a Product Owner would be the correct choice for you.
  2. Understand the similarities between the two positions.
  3. Strategies and plan to begin your transition.

Key questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • Will I be able to delegate the tasks related to the product development to someone else?

If you are a Project Manager now you mostly have to check the tasks that you assigned to the team, you have to plan the strategies and details of the project. But, being a Product Owner means you would have to focus on the bigger picture; you will have to research the market, brainstorm the ideas for a product and then present your ideas to the stakeholder.

  • Would I be able to handle the responsibility of a product’s failures or success?

Being a Product Owner can be of great risk, although you would be known as the owner of the product you would also have to take the blame for the profit and loss of the company.

  • Will I be able to acquire the required skills?

Although there are many similar skills between a Project Manager and a Product Owner, you still need to learn many new ones too like data analysis, strategic vision, research, etc.

Shared skills between a Project Manager and a Product Owner

  • Communication: Both of them need to have strong communication skills. Whether it’s the stakeholder or the team, everyone should understand what you are trying to convey.
  • Leadership: Although both positions need slightly different leadership types, it is equally important. A Product Owner should be able to lead the people towards the end of the product through motivating and inspiring people and a Project Manager would need to motivate the team throughout the process of the project.
  • Organization: Organizational skills are equally important to Product Owners and Project Manager They both need to have a balance in their personal and work life and would be able to organize the tasks and plans properly keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Steps to follow to make the transition happen

  1. Work on the products directly
  2. Learn about product management
  3. Seek some expert advice
  4. Build your own story on why you want this transition
  5. Give the interviews

To know more and learn the skills of a Product Owner you can take up several certification courses too like CSPO Certification Course. Not only these certification courses will help you understand the skills but would also make your resume impressive.

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