Here Are Three Characteristics to Look for Before Buying an Aircast Cryo Cuff for Your Injury!


There are several benefits to using a cryo cuff and cold therapy after an operation. From daily muscle relief to pain control caused by post-op swelling, cold therapy may work wonders for your mental and physical health.

There are multiple cases where cold therapy may help people recovering from an operation. Surgery impacts the body’s internal parts and tissues, which leads to substantial swelling and decreased range of motion after a procedure. Cold therapy aids in addressing muscle recovery and tissue healing.

Some operations which may benefit from cold therapy involve MCL tears, ACL tears, hand fractures, amputation, joint replacements, wrist fractures, meniscus tear, spinal surgery, or rotator cuff repair. Instantly following one of those procedures, the body will attempt to repair the tissue itself -yet it won’t have the ability to heal without swelling and pain.

Cold compression and therapy, instead, helps your body kick start the process of healing. In ‘talking’ to the lymphatic system and immune system inside the body, cold compression and therapy help speed the process of healing by enhancing the rate of tissue regrowth. See more about three characteristics to look for before buying an Aircast Cryo Cuff for your injury:

Make sure the Aircast Cryo Cuff offers pain relief after post-surgical rehabilitation

One main benefit of using an Aircast Cryo Cuff is the possibility for lesser pain and decreased swelling during post-op rehab. Cold therapy efficiently lowers pain and controls swelling in the impacted area, like the wrist, ankle, shoulder, or knee. So, cold therapy demonstrates how using this system effectively soothes the tissues and muscles after surgery, an accident, or trauma.

Make sure it offers less dependence on pain medicine

Another benefit of using an Aircast Cryo Cuff instantly after an invasive operation is less dependence on pain medicine. Rather than popping a bunch of painkillers to resume your daily activities or just get to the shower following an ACL tear, the use of cold therapy compression aids in naturally relieving pain. In numbing the area and numbing the nerve endings, the pain may be subsided, for you to rely less on doctor-prescribed medicine.

Make sure it is comfortable

While comparing cold compression to ice packs, using an Aircast Cryo Cuff is a lot more comfortable than a traditional ice pack. Ice packs can be sharp, bulky, and hard, which makes them uncomfortable for use in a space that is sensitive because of the surgery. Rather than using traditional ice packs, use a cold compression system.

Using cold compression is an efficient method of treating swelling, reducing inflammation, soothing sore muscles, numbing nerve endings, and helping patients recover after surgeries. Whether you experienced an MCL or ACL tear, wrist fracture, or rotator cuff tear, using this device is an excellent method of reducing post-surgery pain.

Surgery is an invasive treatment affecting the body’s joints, muscles, and tissues. A comprehensive method of treatment using cold compression and therapy may assist the tissue in rebuilding less painfully and quicker. In encouraging the immune system and lymph system to speed up the process of rebuilding, cold compression aids the body’s natural healing and rebuilding process following trauma.

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