Hemorrhoids: let’s talk about myths and misconceptions


A surgeon-coloproctologist at the URO-PRO clinic, candidate of medical sciences, has collected a collection of misconceptions about a common but delicate disease – hemorrhoids. Everyone has heard about him, but they prefer not to discuss it, content with information from the network and their own speculations. Debunking myths with a specialist.

Hemorrhoids only affect retirees

Alas, people in different age categories are susceptible to this disease. Today you can even meet at a proctologist’s reception even young people of 16-18 years old. 2/3 of all cases of hemorrhoids are middle-aged people, professionally active. The disease finds weaknesses in men and women. Hard work, stress, extreme stress during pregnancy, childbirth, professional sports, physical inactivity, eating disorders and constipation. Hemorrhoids are a disease that can affect anyone.

Each of us has hemorrhoids from birth. Under unfavorable conditions, they increase, distal displacement, bleeding opens. In the absence of treatment, the nodes begin to fall out of the anal canal even with minimal stress – going to the toilet, coughing, while walking.

Anal skin tags cause hemorrhoids

One important thing to mention here is: many people confuse anal skin tags as anal fissure or something like that. But they are not that serious. You can easily shrink hemorrhoid skin tags at home.

Hemorrhoids can go away on their own. He is not life-threatening, no one died from him

If you ignore the problem, it will resolve itself. Yes, hemorrhoids do not provoke the development of oncology, but they will not go anywhere in the absence of proper treatment. People mistakenly think that a chronic disease in the form of hemorrhoids is safe and relaxed. When exacerbated, hemorrhoids can seriously impair quality of life and cause problems at work and in personal life. In the later stages, the disease turns into a real problem, which cannot be completely solved even surgically.

Effective treatment of hemorrhoids is possible only by surgery, conservative treatment gives only a temporary effect

In fact, the earlier the patient consults the proctologist, the more chances to resolve the issue conservatively. Even if surgical intervention is required, the doctor uses modern minimally invasive methods, in which rehabilitation is as comfortable as possible for the patient.

Folk remedies are effective against hemorrhoids, it is not necessary to go to the doctor

Grandma’s lotions, at best, will have a placebo effect or drown out severe symptoms, but they will not eliminate the problems and causes of their occurrence. Spending time on traditional methods of curing itching, you simply aggravate your condition and waste time. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that hemorrhoids will have to be treated in the operating room.

Severe soreness in the anus is a sure sign of hemorrhoids

Not guessing. If your anus hurts during the administration of a great need, then the matter is not at all in hemorrhoids. An exception will be the situation when thrombosis of external hemorrhoids has formed. Symptoms of the disease are itching, thrombosis of external nodes, periodic prolapse of internal nodes, burning sensation in the anus, bleeding during bowel movements. If you are simply in pain, then the cause should be sought not in hemorrhoids, but in other diseases.

Oncology will become a consequence of untreated hemorrhoids

Nothing like this. By itself, hemorrhoids do not degenerate into cancer. Another thing is that other proctological problems, which are much more dangerous and difficult to treat, have similar symptoms: ulcerative colitis, angiodysplasia of the large intestine, endometriosis, benign and malignant neoplasms of the rectum and anal canal.

The cause of hemorrhoids is physical inactivity, constant sitting at the computer or driving. Knots can be obtained by constantly sitting on a hard or chilling

You cannot provoke the development of hemorrhoids by hypothermia or hard sitting. A sedentary lifestyle and low mobility during the day, combined with improper diet and lack of fluid intake, are true components of frequent constipation and defecation disorders. Hemorrhoids also provoke the period of pregnancy and childbirth, hard physical work and sports that involve lifting weights and frequent, strong straining.

Hemorrhoids are triggered by spicy or excessively fatty foods

Eating habits can indirectly affect the aggravation of the situation. The exacerbation of hemorrhoids is facilitated by products that increase the pressure in the vessels, increase the density of the blood, increasing the risk of blood clots. Sour, salty, spicy – all this can trigger the formation of hemorrhoids.

Lovers of anal sex suffer from hemorrhoids

Inaccurate anal intercourse can indeed cause an increase in hemorrhoids and bleeding. A male member or sex toys, with too intense frictions, injure the mucous membranes of the rectum, the sphincter of the obturator apparatus and the anal canal.

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