Healthy Ways to Gain Weight and Improve Health in Winters


It’s a common saying ‘I am carrying a little holiday weight’ well all is good when finally done up to the right extent. Being slim or chubby is not the question, the real query is, ‘is your weight healthy’. For people not looking to be as attractive as celebrities but be healthy and comfortable in their skin, you have come to the right place. Taboos around body weight, health, and body shape have been extensively discussed in the current state, and it’s not a far-fetched topic for anyone these days. We are all aware of the pros and cons and whereabouts of the issue. 

Similarly, there are a few food items you can have to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle and also to gain that healthy holiday weight instead of munching on junk food. 

Fruits for vitamin C

Vitamins are crucial for our bodies, but in today’s era, they have been increasingly in conversations about immunity and health. If you are one who’s taking a sudden shift from an unbalanced diet, you can slowly slip into this line. One crazy idea can be to make an online cake order in Kolkata and make one fruit cake. What can be a slower dip into the ocean of health? 

Spinach for iron and zinc 

Spinach is quite on top when it comes to healthy eating because of its quality nutrient and amazing taste. Green vegetables are always on mom’s list to feed their children, and the kids are one to travel the farthest miles away from them. With spinach, you have no such troubles, feed your kids the crunchy dish with adequate spices, and then also, you get to add to their diet a source of iron and zinc. 

 Vegetable soups

Soups are currently one of the best seller dishes because of their increasing popularity and types. The dish is mouth-savouring, so it is easy to make a top favourite and is eaten every day without issues. Being a good source for increasing immunity, a preferred dish post corona to curb the damage, and a hot item to soothe our throats it solves all in one purpose. Moreover, the nutrients in it help you gain healthy and protein-itious weight. 

Cheese everyday

Don’t overdose but you can take a healthy amount of good quality cheese every day with breakfast to keep it tasteful and balanced. There is no question about the flavour of cheese that teases our tongue but don’t we wish to have food that serves us with health too on the side. Well, cheese is one such corrective option that won’t let you down either way. Make sure to have it in the morning and also a few strolls of the park as well. 

Add eggs to the diet 

It is no doubt eggs are a great rich source of protein and fat, which is just what we require to gain healthy weight and develop strength in our bodies. Two eggs in your everyday morning regime will be enough to start showing the positive effects. Have this along with a cup of milk; it is the most reliable breakfast option without a doubt for people of all ages. 

Fish or fish oil

Being a rich protein source, it is beneficial and recommended to be eaten by people, especially youngsters. It can be made boiled, fried or in curry as it suits and you find the most appealing to consume and digest. If you are vegetarian or someone who mostly doesn’t like to eat fish you can opt for fish oil. It may not necessarily help you to increase weight, but it will surely enrich your health and be a boon to your digestive system.

If you have felt positive and motivated reading this, you are halfway there. Add these slight changes to your everyday lifestyle and next; you have nothing to worry about. In winters, not just you but we all will sit around and eat that’s how it goes, but we can make the best of it with the right measures and actions. 

Switch to health today!

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