Hat style tips to keep in mind for the ultimate 2021 fashion trend


We humans find attractiveness in symmetry. We love symmetrical faces, symmetrical patterns on clothes, and even the overall styling of a person. However, when it comes to having perfectly balanced facial features, there is nothing much to do except surgery, in case mitigation is required. 

However, just like a great haircut can flatter the looks, style accessories, more importantly, hats can make a difference to your overall look. However, choosing a hat isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to consider your body type, your facial features as well as various available style choices. For example, if you have a large hat, how to make sure which style to go for, the Fedora or the Cowboy? 

Before you choose your hat, let us have a look at what expert hatmakers from Americanhatmakers.com have to say about different styles and what works best on which body type.

The anatomy of the hat

The hat has several parts, and here is a list of all the vital bits you should know. 

  1. Crown
  2. Taper
  3. Hatband
  4. Brim 
  5. Tilt

Now, let us look at what each part should be in your case, depending on the facial features.

Short and full-face

A round face will always look short, so you need something that gives you a bit of height. It would help if you looked for a medium height and sized crown with a slight taper. Make sure that the hatband is narrow and of a contrasting color. The brim should be of moderate width, and snap it up to make your face appear shorter. Tilt the hat back from your face. Recommended choices are Fedora, Panama, and Gambler.

Long and thin face

You should look for a hat that shortens your face. Therefore, make sure you are going for a crown of shorter height with a moderate taper along with a contrasting color headband. Make sure you choose a moderately wide brim with a slight back tilt. Recommended choices are Derby, Homburg, and the Fedora. 

Top-heavy face

A top-heavy face needs a hat to balance the irregularities of the facial features. It would be best if you had a crown of medium height with a pinch at the front. A moderate taper and a narrow hatband, usually of the same color as the hat, work the best. A Fedora or Homburg tilted to the side works the best on these facial features. 

Square face

You need to pick a hat that allows your face to smooth out from the boxy features. Look for a hat with a medium height crown and minimal taper. Make sure the brim is wide and snapped up fully. Avoid tilting too much to hide your square features better. The Bowler and the Homburg are the two classic options. 


You will need a wide brim to mask the long nose. Make sure that the taper is minimal, and go for hats with medium height crowns. You can experiment with more expansive and colorful bands but make sure that the brim is as wide as possible. You can tilt the hat to a side for maximum effects. 

Prominent jawline

If you have a prominent chin, you need a hat style to balance the effect. Go for a crown of low to medium height, and if you find one with side dents, then all the better. Go for a slight taper and medium width brim that can snap fully across. Go for a level tilt for the best effects. The recommended hat is the all-time classic Fedora. 

Receding chin

If you have a receding chin, it is vital to choose a hat that will draw attention away from the chin. That is why it is a great idea to choose a crown with low height and significant taper. Make sure that the band of the hat is narrow with a very flat brim. You can tilt significantly if that is your style. Recommended hats are the Porkpie and the Trilby. 

Prominent Ears

When you have prominent ears, you need a hat style that will adequately hide your feature. Therefore, it is crucial to opt for a fuller crown along with minimal tapering. Ensure that the brim is as wide as possible to cover the ears and make them look smaller. You can tilt a Gambler or a Panama down the back for the perfect look. 

Lastly, color choices

Your dressing ensemble isn’t complete without the colors. It is vitally important to choose the color of the hat depending on your clothes. Yeezy Adidas shoes is so comfortable for you and the most expensive shoes in the world.


Brown works the best with brown, blue, and green suits and coats.


Grey hats are versatile, and you can pair them with almost any suit except white.


Wear a blue hat only with a blue or a grey suit. In case you are pairing the same colors, make sure they do not clash. 

Keep in mind these simple tips the next time you are looking for a hat. Make an informed choice. 

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