Hair Type Treatment and Care


Every hair type is different and requires different care. When selecting a salon, it is important you do business with one that can properly meet your haircare needs. You may have curly hair, wavy hair, extensions, a certain type of texture, or other hairstyles or needs that require specific care. By going to an experienced salon, you can receive the expert service you need and the individualized care required to have your hair look its best. The following salons can help you with an assortment of specified needs, such as cuts designed to work with your hair, treatments to promote hair health, texturing methods, and more.

Four Salons That Can Assist With Specific Haircare Needs

1. Adam og Eva

First opened in 1973 Adam og Eva has grown to have salon locations all over Norway. Adam og Eva is committed to continuing education and the value of innovation in the salon industry. They offer a variety of hair-cutting options to suit different types of hair. They offer a dry cut which can be beneficial to certain hair types and textures. They advise that if you have curly or textured hair that a dry cut can offer many advantages. By seeing how your hair naturally lies when dry, you can get a more precise haircut that creates the appearance you want. With a dry cut, you can achieve a look that is uniquely yours.

2. Michael & Frisörerna

Found in 2002 Michael & Frisörerna is located in Stockholm, Sweden is a customer-focused salon that seeks to use its professional experience to make your hair look its absolute best. Your sanctification is at the core of all the work Michael & Frisörerna does. They offer an assortment of haircare services (and can assist with extensions) but one item of note for protecting your hair texture is their Brazilian Frizzout. This specialized treatment leaves your hair frizz-free, soft to the touch, and nourished. Lasting up to three months, this treatment can protect your hair from the at times harsh Swedish climate. This treatment works on all hair types, including dyed hair.

3. Warren Tricomi

Warren Tricomi is well-known for offering the highest luxury in the haircare field. Their salons are said to be more like a stage than a salon by many visitors. With three decades of experience and multiple locations, Warren Tricomi has earned a reputation. They have the skill and experience to properly care for various hair types, styles, and textures. Some of their services include blowouts, styling, trims, and customized haircuts to fit your exact needs and specific goals. They also offer various types of hair treatments designed to improve your hair’s texture, repair damage, nourish your hair, and more.

4. Salon DJ

Salon DJ is one of Chicago’s premier salons with years of experience in haircare and salon service. They have conveniently located among world-class restaurants and high-end shopping experiences. Salon DJ is unique in that they not only offer haircare services but also headshot styling, makeup, and photography. They offer a full selection of hairstyling services including cuts, trims, and dyeing services. They also offer a variety of treatments to improve your hair’s health, such as scalp renewal and B3 treatments. If you need texturing, options include a Brazilian Blowout, Keratin treatment, and Keratin blowouts. No matter your need, Salon DJ can help you look your best.

Final Thoughts

The last thing you want is to go get a haircut and the barber uses a generalized method without taking your specific hair needs into consideration. By going to an experienced salon, you know in advance your dealing experts who treat each customer as an individual with specific haircare needs and goals.

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