Hair Trends to Watch for in 2022

Forecasters and stylists predict that self-expression is back on top this year, with people willing to embrace bolder haircuts, hues, and textures and not be afraid to look for ways to amplify their curls and waves.

So, what are the trends to look out for this year? If you want to reinvent yourself and for bad hair days to become a thing of the past, keep reading for some of the styles that will be dominating your social media feed in 2022.

The Plumed Afro

A recent survey by All Things Hair found that while more and more women are proudly embracing their natural hair type, many are still holding back out of fear of discrimination.

This year things could change dramatically because 2022 is all about cherishing your God-given curls and texture.

To amplify their natural waves and curls, people will be getting more creative with volume, bangs, and dimensional colour.

Fantasy Colours

2021 was all about highlights and light balayage, but 2022 will be about boldness. Monochromatic looks are popular at the moment, but predictions are that hues will move away from pastel to more daring shades.

Think green, orange, and lots of other vibrant and bold colours. It’s something you can do at home, as long as you also use products for colour-treated hair.

Jaw-length Bobs

The bob has long been a classic hairstyle, but 2022 will see some new takes on this popular style. The bob is set to be massive this year, but the shorter, the better.

A similar hairstyle that’s set to be hot is the bixie cut. It is a great-looking haircut that combines a pixie and a bob, but you need to schedule a trim every six weeks because it looks best when fresh.

Ponytail Extensions

Thanks to the quality of extensions, even those with short hair can make the most of this latest trend. Extra-long extensions are available in a variety of textures and style options. The most popular are long braided ponytails, long straight, sleek ponytails, long/voluminous curly ponytails, and bubble link ponytails.

Depending on the level of care and attention you give this hairstyle, it could last as long as ten days or more.

Retro Fringe

2022 is the year to trade in your long bangs for a structured fringe. One benefit of this style is that it gives your hair the illusion of thickness. You can pay homage to the iconic looks worn in the 70s by wearing your fringe in a shag.

Super short bangs are also trending in 2022, especially on the red carpet. The length might be short, but you can style it several ways. For example, curled under, sleek and straight, or slightly swept to the side.

Shimmery Fairy Hair

With more people looking for ways to be experimental, shimmery fairy hair could be popping up a lot in 2022. The great thing about this trend is that you can give your locks some pizzazz without doing a permanent dye job.

Try out one of these hairstyles this year and see where 2022 will take you.

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