GuitarTricks vs Jamplay vs Truefire: Which is the best?


It is always important to make your basics strong when it comes to learning anything—and if it’s the guitar you are planning to learn, it becomes even more crucial to look at the scales and rudiments of the course. For those looking for top guitar lessons online, Truefire, Jamplay and GuitarTricks are great options.  But which one to go for? All three offer a good song collection, experienced guitar instructors, varied genres, and over a thousand video guitar lessons.  Let’s compare them and see how they fair.

GuitarTricks – Best Bet for Beginners

GuitarTricks is an old, trusted player in the market for best online guitar lessons for beginner guitarists. The Core Learning System is all about getting it all started one step at a time and has the metronome, chord finder, scale finder, and fretboard trainer game.  With three genres – Blues, Rock and Country – GuitarTricks ensures you have the best of both worlds with electric and the acoustic guitar. The course has a huge song collection featuring popular artists, like Beatles, Bach, Metallica, Nirvana, BB King, Pink Floyd, and others. One-on-one lesson structure allows you to get a strong grasp of the basics.

Cost: As of January 2021, the GuitarTricks monthly membership will cost you $19.95; it also offers a free trial.

Our final Guitar Tricks review: It is a great course for beginners, however, for upper-intermediate and advanced lessons, there are better choices available.

Truefire – Stepping Up

If you can play the guitar at an intermediate level, then Truefire could be a good deal.  Truefire’s diverse online guitar lessons are a boon for those who want to hone their guitar-playing skills. Also, there are individual lessons for electric and acoustic guitar. Truefire is good for beginners too but it works its magic with someone who has prior knowledge of the instrument. This comprehensive course could help you sail from intermediate to an advanced- level guitarist.

Cost: Truefire’s monthly membership is $29 monthly, $249 yearly and $2,499 for lifetime.

Our final Truefire Review: Truefire scores in tool box and fingerstyle acoustic guitar lessons but it does not offer song lessons, unlike GuitarTricks.

Jamplay – Be the Pro

Jamplay is a boon for those looking to build a solid foundation as it has over a 100 guitar and bass instructors at their website. Also, the course offers one of the best online guitar tools. For those looking for upper-intermediate and advanced guitar courses, Jamplay is the jam! Jamplay scores over Truefire in terms of song tutorials but there are fewer artists too. It also has neat graphics.

Cost – You have to pay $19.95 for a monthly membership for Jamplay and may choose from two more choices memberships – $159.95 per year and $299.95 per year.

Our final Jamplay review: A good choice for guitar enthusiasts looking for more pro-level guitar lessons.

Final Thoughts

Jamplay may be a bit too advance for beginners. So, Truefire’s Beginner Learning Path or GuitarTricks’s Core Learning System would be better options. Also, for an intermediate level, Truefire’s genre-based courses are a good bet. For advanced players, both Jamplay and Truefire can work well. Read more about these courses at Journey to Music Mastery and pick what works best for you.

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