Guide To Tara Rafting in Montenegro

On the territory of Durmitor National Park, the Tara River Canyon is a world heritage site (protected by UNESCO).

The gorge is the deepest in Europe and the second deepest in the world – the first is the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. The canyon is 78 km long, and its stones can reach a height of 1,300 meters.

Our guide to Tara rafting explains why you should not miss its explore while in Montenegro.

Ecosystem of Tara River

The Tara river is a combination of tributaries (Opasnica and Verusa) where they create Tara in the foot of Komovi.

The river flows through Montenegro for 150 kilometers until it reaches Sepan Polje, on the Bosnian border, where it runs into the river Piva and becomes the big Balkan river of Drina.

Located between Durmitor and Sinjajevina mountains from west, and Komovi, Bjelasica, and Ljubljana mountains from east. The Tara basin is surrounded by mountains.

Several species of plants and animals found refuge in the Tara canyon wilderness. The canyon is surrounded by green wood forests, and the cold rover is home to fish like trout and maple fish.

Black pine grows in the canyon, along with many deciduous species. Specimens that cling directly to the stones of the gorge. The canyon is very significant for big animal species like bears or wolves.

Outdoor in activities on the Tara river

Tara River is the most popular destination for rafting in Montenegro due to astonishing and untouched nature, national park of Durmitor and very fast rapids.

Borovski, and Vjernovica buk are among the most thrilling and ambitious rapids, they will make your heart beat faster. One of the most remarkable aspects of rafting is how the river changes depending on the season and weather. Due to the changes in the surrounding nature and the water itself, each tour is an amazing experience.

If you’re looking for the most exciting way to spend your holiday, and are an adventure junkie, having a family trip, or you travel with friends, this is an unforgettable whitewater rafting adventure is for you. During the spring, Tara river is very wild, and have the highest class of rapids, according to Rafting Word Association.

In the summer and fall, the river is very slow, and suitable for people of all ages. Many outdoor lovers choose early days in the spring for rafting, among the most experienced rafters. Rafting on Tara can be done during all season in Montenegro is quite long – from March until the end of October.

Water is drinkable from top to bottom. If you visit the canyon in the summer, you’ll find swimming holes and jumping-off spots on every rock in the canyon.

Even more exhilarating is whitewater kayaking on Tara. Kayak enthusiasts with more experience will be able to appreciate this beauty on the rivers with the right gear and tips. Those who have never tried it before can learn it in more tranquil areas of the river.

Kayak fest is organized every September with support of rafting camp Modra Rijeka on the Tara coast, and it welcomes nature lovers from around the world. Competitions are held for experienced kayakers, and beginners can participate with the help of an instructor.

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