Guide to Patches, Straps and Uniform Accessories


The world of patches and accessories can be a confusing one. Are those the same thing? What are straps? How do you wear them? Where do I buy them? These are all questions you may have had when first entering this world, and they’re all valid ones. Patches, straps, logos, crests—all terms that refer to small cloth patches that soldiers wore on their uniforms to show affiliation in some way or another. They’ve been around since the beginning of military history and are popular today in professional organizations like police forces and schools.

Patches and Straps

Patches are small pieces of fabric, typically sewn onto uniforms and other clothing. They can be worn as a sign of pride or simply as decoration. Patches often feature logos, sayings or even designs representing the team or organization they belong to. Well, if you are interested in something like that, visit 4incustompatch.

Straps are patches that wrap around a bag or strap to hold it in place. While they can be used for any purpose, they’re most commonly used to show support for a cause or organization. Straps are generally quite large, adding a lot of visual appeals and making it easy to find your stuff when you need it in a rush.

Appropriate usage

Patches and straps are not appropriate for everyday wear. The patches, straps, and other accessories you buy should be reserved for special occasions or events. For example, if you are going to a formal party, it would be more appropriate to wear your uniform with patches specifically designed for this type of occasion. If you’re going to a casual event like a BBQ or sporting event, then make sure that you don’t wear any of the accessories except those specifically designed for these types of events (such as team jerseys).

The scope of the patch

Patches are a form of embroidery that is sewn onto the uniform of a group or organization. Patches can be made from leather, cloth, plastic or metal. They are usually worn on the sleeve or hat and show what organization you belong to.

In this guide, we will cover:

  • What patches are
  • The different types of patches and their uses
  • How to sew on a patch

Patches vs Crest

Patches are used to show a specific role or position, and crests are used to show a specific role or position. Both can be worn on the left chest of the chemise, as long as it doesn’t interfere with any other organization’s patch or crest. A patch is usually smaller than a crest, though there aren’t strict guidelines on size differences between patches and crests.

Patches, Straps, Uniform Accessories

Patches and straps are two different forms of uniform accessories. Patches are a piece of embroidered cloth that can be sewn to a uniform, while straps are generally larger and feature an attachment point at each end for tying around the arm or leg.

Uniform accessories include belts, gloves and socks but do not include patches or straps. Accessories should never be worn on the front of the uniform (except belt buckles) but will often go on the back when there is no other place to fit.


In conclusion, patches and straps are an important part of the military uniform. They can be used to identify a specific service branch or rank and are commonly worn by soldiers on their uniforms. These accessories are often worn as a symbol of pride for those who served in the armed forces and their families who supported them.

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