Guide to Find Your Instagram User ID


There are more than two billion Instagram accounts from different parts of the world. They all interact with each other by using the app’s various features seamlessly and almost in an instant. An Instagram user ID, which is designated to every user, is one of the numerous technical aspects of Instagram that made these interactions possible. 

What is Instagram User ID?

Instagram user ID is a unique identification number assigned to an Instagram account. The number is not visible to any user and automatically set by Instagram, unlike an Instagram username. However, in certain situations, such as developing an app for Instagram or checking account history, the username might simply be not enough. So how can you find your Instagram user ID and even also other users?

There are two methods to find an Instagram user ID. They both require an Instagram username to function. The first one is the online tool method, and the other one is the manual method.  We explained both of them with instructions right below.

Online Tool Method

Finding out an Instagram user ID using the online method is the simplest method by far. While there are many websites on the internet that can help you do that, a large number of them require a fee or simply unreliable. The InstaFollowers Instagram ID tool is a good online one to give instructions from as it is safe and quite faster than others.

Follow these below-listed instructions to find Instagram user ID by using the online tool method:

1) Copy the username that you want to learn the Instagram ID of. You can do this from the Instagram app or from its website on any web browser.

2) Visit the InstaFollowers website. Then, locate the “Free Tools” section on its homepage.

3) From the drop-down menu, hover your cursor to “Instagram Tools” and click the “Find Instagram User ID” button.

4) Paste the username to the bar and click the “Check” button. 

5) After a short while, the Instagram ID of the user will be displayed on the same screen. You can copy the number and use it. 

Manual Method

If you don’t want to use an online tool and have more than intermediate computer skills, you can use this manual method. As it is with the online method provided above, you can find out any Instagram users’ ID through this method as well. However, this method is more time-consuming than the online one. Here are the instructions:

1) Open the Instagram website using a web browser of your choice.

2) Navigate to your or any account’s profile page. Then select the URL on the address bar. The selected URL should look like this:

3) Type “?_a=1” to the end of the selected URL. Now the address bar should look like this:

4) Hit the enter button on your keyboard. 

5) Now, a wealth of data regarding the account will be displayed on your screen.

6) Use the “Ctrl+F” command to search for “profilepage_.” Then look for numbers located next to it. The numbers are the relevant users’ Instagram ID. You can copy the number and use it however you like.

To Sum Up the Guide to Find Your Instagram User ID

Instagram assigns a unique user ID for every Instagram user. While the number is not visible to any user, sometimes users may need to find it for varying purposes. In this article, we explained two methods that are sure to find any Instagram user ID, which is the online tool method and the manual method. It is safe to say that finding an Instagram user ID is very simple by using a reliable online tool, given that the username is already known.

Desc.: Instagram user ID can be useful for several situations. Check out our article to learn to find your Instagram user ID easily.

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