Greece Road Trips; How to Save Money on Car Rental, Insurance, and Parking


Taking a road trip within Greece is fantastic you’ll enjoy a mix of nature, ancient sites, parks, and modern Greece architecture. Before you make the trip, you have to understand how Greece car rental insurance works.

Greece is an amazing place to visit for holidays; it has beautiful pebbles and sandy beaches and a great weather. Every year over 25million people flood the clustered island for vacation. Holidaying in Greece is not just about its beautiful beaches, it’s also ideal for road trips.

If you want to enjoy your road trip, then you need to save excesses from rental, insurance, and parking is an excellent way to start.

How to save money on car rental

Before you travel down to Greece for a holiday, it would be a good idea if you book for a car ahead. When booking, compare all your available options and go for the most affordable offer. While making your comparison, you have to be careful because the prices shown on the catalog will increase due to factors like tax, fees, and excess charges.

Another way you can save money from car rentals is to decline accessories like GPS navigation system, baby seat, satellite radio, and insurance policy (if you are already covered).

Also, if the gas tank is filled to the brim, ensure it is at the same level when you are returning it. Else you will be charged exorbitantly for refill by the rental company. If your rental company request you return the vehicle with a brimmed tank, use your Google map to search for a fueling station near you at least within 5 miles of your drop off point. To see this huge province well you can follow a Ha Giang motorbike loop route which is also called the Ha Giang loop

Most times, people fall victim to One-way-fee. Hiring companies add a one-way fee to their terms and conditions. If you don’t do proper research before you rent a vehicle, you may end up paying extra. You will be charged if you drop the car off in a different place to where you hired it. To avoid this unnecessary expense, make a comparison between the available hiring companies within Greece, and make sure you check their terms and conditions. Remember, not all companies charge extra on one-way fee. If you are returning the car to a different location, make sure the company you choose won’t cost you extra.

Finally, if your car gets dirty during the rental period, stop by a car wash before you return the car. Some rental companies will charge you high for cleaning fees; this will increase the total cost of hiring the car.

How to save money on insurance

If you already have insurance coverage, travel insurance, or a credit card, there’s no need to buy another policy from the rental company. Greece car rental insurance like CDW and LDW are ways rental companies earn, that’s why they will pressure you to purchase these policies, don’t fall prey. Once you have evidence of coverage (either from your coverage, credit card, travel insurance or an independent 3rd party vendor like CarInsuRent), you can rent a car within Greece.

CDW and LDW are policies set to protect your interest. However, you can be covered for little or no extra cost at all.

If you don’t have a personal car insurance policy or your policy doesn’t cover rental, buy your insurance policy from a 3rd party vendor, they are more affordable compared to Greece car rental insurance.

Your credit card might as well provide automatic collision coverage and many other benefits, to find out, read the terms and conditions, or call the companies customer care line.

How to save money on parking

Frankly, parking a rented car within Greece is a big task, especially Athens. Before you pick the hotel you’ll be staying, make sure they have a private parking space, once the rented car is secured in a private area, you’ll need to have to worry about theft or damage.

Take advantage of discounts, since most parking lots within Greece offers discounts for advanced booking. You might feel it’s unnecessary to keep tap for discounts on parking lots. However, you’ll be able to save a lot at the end of the day, because discounts most times are up to 15%.

Final thoughts

Greece car rental insurance is similar to the rest of the world, as a tourist car rental companies will try to extort you. It’s simple, buy policies only when it is needed, and when you want to buy, buy from a 3rd party.

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