Great Software to Download Spotify Songs for Desktop


SpotiKeep Converter is a newly released software, which mainly provides music conversion service to let Spotify uses have the chance to download Spotify songs for offline playback. We know that Spotify requires users to subscribe for its membership if we need to listen to the songs without network connection. In addition, even you have subscribed to Spotify premium plans, you can only download Spotify songs for listening offline inside Spotity platform, which sets limitations for a more flexible playback.

Spotify has almost the most comprehensive music database in the world, covering a large proportion of latest and some niche songs. From western pop songs to Hindi songs, you can absolutely find your taste here. So SpotiKeep Converter decides to break such restrictions and brings free to all Spotify songs, allowing users to play the songs back more conveniently.

Advantages and Disadvantages

SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter brings outstanding advantages for users to save their favorite Spotify songs for offline playback in a more enjoyable way. 

Clean Interface

SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter is designed with a simple interface, with clear navigation options and easy-to-understand icons. Even for new users, SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter won’t be a complicated software for handling. 

Fast Conversion Speed

SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter is an efficient software as well, with pretty fast converting speed. As you start the conversion process, SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter will react smartly and activates its acceleration mode to finish the conversion as soon as possible.

Lightweight Size

SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter is not a bulky app that would occupy much of your device storage as well as CPU. So running SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter on desktop would be smooth, even you get a list of songs to download. 

From these three aspects, we can conclude that SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter is an easy-to-start-with software, and will provide a smooth as well as comfortable downloading process for Spotify users to save their favorite Spotify songs for offline playback.

The only disadvantage of SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter should be its cost. For every new users, SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter will offer a 30-days free trial so that people can try its functions and enjoy all the features it brings. But as these 30 days passed, for continuing on using SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter, people have to subscribe for its registered plans. The pricings are listed below:

Subscription for 1 month: $19.95

Subscription for 1 year: $39.95

Lifetime plan: $79.95

Features and Functionality

To enable more user-friendly and professional service, SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter has been equipped with excellent and helpful features. Users can enjoy all of them and have no-lag conversion process to save any Spotify songs they like. Here are some highlighted features and functionality you should know.

Download Spotify Playlist in One-shot

SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter has the ability to detect a whole Spotify playlist, and then save the songs in one-click without the need to repeat the process again and again.

Remove DRM from Spotify Songs

By removing the DRM protection from Spotify songs, users can transfer the songs to any devices and media players for enjoying a free songs playback.

More Formats and Original Quality

SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter offers mainstream formats such as MP3, M4A. FLAC, and WAV to encode the songs. Also, all the converted Spotify songs will be maintained in original quality.

ID3 Tags Preservation

SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter will save all the Spotify songs related information such as the ID3 tags, which includes album, artist, title, music category, etc.

In addition, SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter doesn’t require a Spotify premium subscription if you need to convert and download Spotify songs, which means everyone can use the software to remove DRM from songs and then save Spotify music for listening freely offline.

Bottom Line

Overall, SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter can be an ideal choice if you need to easily remove DRM from Spotify songs so that you can keep the tracks you love for enjoying freely on any devices. Its convenience, efficiency, and speed performance can all be the reasons for winning your trust and selection. Why not give it a try?

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