GRE Test at Home: What Should You Know?


It is true that ETS is permitting test takers in certain countries to take the official GRE from home. Certainly, if you are planning to take graduate record examination GRE in near future, it is important that you know about the ways you can appear in this test.

These days, many candidates are wondering about gre at home option. Of course, do you know if you can avail this option for your GRE test? Well, before you get perplexed and start scratching your head, you should start understanding some basic things here.

For example, the GRE General Test at home is currently available everywhere that the computer-delivered GRE General Test is offered, with the exclusion of Mainland China and Iran. Moreover, ETS does not really list an end date for the service, but as of now, the authorities state that the organization is “temporarily offering a GRE General Test at home option in different areas.” However, you must keep in mind that this option can go away again once the pandemic subsides, or this can be a way for them to test the service for likely worldwide use in the long term.

What Tech would You require for Test?

Well, before your test day, it is crucial that you read through all the technical requirements on the ProctorU resource center page and even the ETS At Home information page. You will be able to take the GRE on a computer but not any mobile device. Moreover, you can use a PC or a simple Mac running Windows.

Furthermore, you  will require to install the ETS Test Browser as well as the right web browser and extension (ProctorU recommends the Chrome browser). Then you are going to need to run the ProctorU system check, and it will likely tell you that you don’t have Flash enabled.  You need to enable flash here. Moreover, remember that both Flash and the ProctorU extension are possible security threats, so it is suggested that you disable Flash and uninstall the ProctorU extension when you finish taking the GRE test. After all, why to take any risks.

Similarly, on the ProctorU system check page, you can submit out the Live Technician form to chat with a technician, in  case you choose. The technician can do a final check through remote access to make sure you’re ready to go. To do this, you may need to give remote access to the technician, which enables them to see your screen, witness you and hear you through webcam, and control your mouse, the way on the test day.

Finally, you will find a Test Your Equipment page that you might wish to run for further technical diagnostics. After all, you want to be sure about everything before you take the test on the final day, right? It is better to be sure about the tech and arrangements than to fall victim to technology.


Thus, once you know about what you need to do to take the GRE test at home, you surely can be confident about your performance.

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