Golf Equipment 101 – A Simple List for Beginners


If you’re seeking the most out of a sport, it’s important that you have the right equipment. That is true of golf, which requires you, regardless of whether or not you’re new to the sport or a seasoned golfer, to have the proper equipment. This equipment includes not only the accessories but also, the golf cart. Let’s take a few minutes and see what the basics must-haves are for the sport of golf. 

Required Golf Equipment


It should go without saying that all golf ranges have dress codes. You can’t simply enter a golf range and wear whatever you like and expect them to allow you to play golf. while the actual dress code will be dependent upon what golf range you’re at, the typical attire is a clean polo shirt with a collar and golf pants or shorts. It’s considered out of the proper dress code to wear jeans or cargo pants to a golf course. Rubber shoes are also not allowed as they can ruin the properly maintained grass. Golf shoes are highly recommended. 

Golf Balls

You can’t play golf if you don’t have any golf balls. A golf ball is a small ball covered in dimples. Typically they are white however, there are also some available with neon colors to help you find them easier. This is a piece of equipment that is strictly regulated. Golf balls aren’t allowed to be used on any golf course unless they have passed the test and are approved by the R&A as well as the US Golf Association. Two typically used golf balls are recreational and advanced. 

Golf Clubs

You’re going to have to have a golf club to hit the golf ball with. In a regular game of golf, there is a maximum number of clubs that you can carry. This number is 14 clubs. It’s important to learn the differences in golf clubs such as how far each club will hit a ball and carry the ball. There are putters, irons, wedges, woods, and of course, hybrid clubs. You can choose from the options at the golfing holidays uk.


Golf tees are a piece of equipment that elevate the golf ball up off of the ground to help provide for an easier shot. It’s a tiny spike with a cup to allow the golf ball to sit on top of the spike. It’s pushed into the ground and is only allowed at the start of the round of golf.

Optional Golf Equipment

Ball Markers

A golf marker is used to mark the spot where the ball lands in case a player must temporarily remove their ball. No players are allowed to move their golf balls. There are, however, exceptions to the rule. One exception is if the golf ball lies directly to the putting line of the opponent and must be moved out of the way temporarily. 

Golf Cart

Most golf courses allow you to walk or rent a golf cart. A golf cart is far easier and there are a lot of options if you want to buy an accessory to help improve the experience regardless of whether or not you own the golf cart or you’re renting the golf cart. A few examples are a blue tooth speaker, phone holder, heater, and more. 

Golf Bag

You’re going to need something to carry your golf clubs in. A golf bag is the ideal solution. An elongated bag used to store your golf clubs is ideal. You can also store other equipment such as golf balls, tees and the like in them. There are a lot of great options. Golf bags come with either wheels or a shoulder harness to carry them. The wheeled versions are far easier. 

There is more when it comes to golf equipment and each player will have his or her own preferences. It’s best to choose the equipment that works well for your needs.

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