Going Back To School after a Long Time- How to Prepare Your Child


With everyday life gradually getting back to the normal routine, many people have to steadily redirect themselves from the virtual world to the physical one. This also indicates that kids’ indoor activities and online kids’ classes will turn into offline physical schooling. To make this transition easier, Yellow class has launched various kids’ activities and hobbies list that can support your child in adapting to the physical world.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, all schools and educational institutions had closed their doors and a virtual way of addressing academics was popularized. However, with the world slowly getting back to normal, it is predictable that children’s schools and other educational institutions will be reopening in short order.

Now, the return to school after a global pandemic will lead to the children experiencing a range of emotions. While some students may be excited and eager to return to school, others may feel anxious and uneasy about the change in their routine. Here’s how you can apply yourself in preparing your child for their eventual return to school:

  • Address their anxiety- Starting a new school year can be taxing for a child at the best of times, let alone in the middle of a global pandemic. The first step to addressing your child’s anxiety concerning school is to set aside enough time to have a sincere and transparent conversation with him or her. You need to ask them about the things that are troubling them and listen patiently to all the concerns they have about returning to offline schooling. You should be sensitive to their emotions and let it be known to them that their concerns are completely reasonable.
  • Practice coping mechanisms- Coaching your child and utilizing coping skills plays a vital role in preparing them for physical schooling. You need to alleviate their anxiety by explaining to them how their routine is going to be structured and what they can do to prepare themselves. You can pacify their uneasiness by helping them focus on the positive aspects of returning to school. Instead of emphasizing the actual return to school, you can fixate on the fact that they will be able to see their friends after a long time.
  • Managing their expectations- Being sensitive to your child’s agitation and stress regarding offline classes has utmost significance. You need to help them understand the changes that they should expect at school. You should emphasize the importance of wearing masks and keeping a safe distance from peers and teachers. You need to assure that these measures are implemented to keep them safe and healthy.

Every child has a defence mechanism for when they experience anxiety or stress. Sometimes, it may seem that your child is indifferent to the idea of physical schooling and has no worries or concerns. In this case, you should give them enough time to process the things they haven’t yet. SEL programs for elementary schools can help. Adjusting is a gradual process and you must allow them to proceed at their own pace.

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