Glow with Perfect Diary’s flattering eye shadows


Eye shadow is a cosmetics product which is applied to the eyelids to catch attention to the wearer’s eyes. It also can be applied under the eyes or to the chicks for different purposes. It’s mainly used by women now a day for beauty purposes. In ancient Egypt it was customarily used by both men and women. The use of eye shadow replicates use of natural contrasting pigments on their eyelids. In ancient time eye shadow used to play a important role in various culture and religious practices.

Eye shadow is a vital cosmetics product for women because it’s an important element for makeup. If you are in need of eye shadows and finding some great deals you can visit our website Perfect Diary  to find perfect diary’s blush and bronzer universally flattering eye shadows.

The purple and brown eye shadow palette can help you look special. The combination of purple and brown is creative, making you look unique. Purple is a color that always makes you think about someone mild and easy-going while brown will make you look more elegant. Anyway, such a combination is suitable to wear in the spring and autumn season and on various occasions. There are lots of eye shadows you can find on our website. But some of them are truly compact and special. So the specifications of those products are given bellow:

Explorer eye shadow palette 13 red fox:

Each palette contains 12 dreamy colors that inspired by animals. Comes in a range of novel and blend able shades in matte, pearl zed, soft, shimmering, and metallic finishes. As a bonus a double headed brush and a mirror is attached inside.

Explorer eye shadow palette 15 Leopard:

Leopard and its habitat, this golden brown eye shadow is perfect for your fall and winter makeup. The unique formula of making makes it smoother and evenly to apply.

Explorer eye shadow palette 09 cat:

It’s one of our best selling collections. This offer 14 different shades eye shadow palettes to offer an infinite choice of effects. Each palette features 12 dreamy colors that inspired by the animal. Comes in bendable shades in matte. A double sided professional brush and mirrors are attached inside.

Explorer eye shadow palette 14 butterfly:

Each palette features 12 dreamy colors that inspired by the animal. Comes in a good range of novel and blended shades in matte, paralyzed, soft, shimmering and metallic finishes. For bonus a double headed professional brush and a mirror attached inside.

Explorer eye shadow palette piggy:

Perfect Diary Piggy Eye shadow Palette is a greatest eye shadow palette. It’s one of the most famous purple and brown eye shadow palettes. The reason why it is said to be greatest is that you can use it to draw makeup with different effects. You can be sexy and gorgeous with it. It makes you look pure and beautiful, like a pure middle school student. You can also bring out a golden-brown everyday look with it.

This palette consists of 12 colors. You can freely combine them to achieve the eye makeup effect you prefer. Here are a few good combinations recommended for you. Firstly, you can use water lily for the eye socket foundation, choose burning skyto deepen the eyes and tails, and use ripple to brighten it up. This combination makes your eye makeup look pink.

We have shared a lot about the purple and brown eye shadow palette and recommend some good items to you. If you are interested in makeup and want to know more about it, come on and leave a message for us.

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