Glam your wardrobe and style with a DIFFERENT KIND of HEEL


Wearing a pair of heels has been the favorite part of an outfit for every woman. Many women don’t need to put on pointed heels because they are naturally or genetically blessed. Still, the women six feet high are sometimes seen wearing heels. And that is the excellent part, heels make you attractive and give a unique shape to the body. But, what all comes right is never easy. Wearing pointed heels calls for many discomforts, no matter the expensive aisle from which the footwear has been picked. A great alternative to heels is platform boots or sandals. 

The excellent part about heels is that they are available with a lot of variation. You can find chunky heels, platform heels, low heels, and many more. Because of your ambling on stilettos, you might hunt some better boots, and flats are not the only option. There is a lot more! 

To save the day and probably your legs, platform heels are here! The thick heel and front area enables you to comfortably rest your feet instead of holding all your body’s weight on your toes. Teens and young women can comfortably wear platform boots in various designs and colors that are available. They raise your appeal and complement every look you choose for yourself. Also, there are many more advantages to wearing platform heels than comfort is not the only one; let’s explore more.

  • These kinds of heels are more stable.

It takes some pressure off from your foot’s ball to allow your foot to hit more surface space. Platform boots also provide more padding and support. This allows your feet to be slightly shielded from the ground, at least. Add on the outer sole the much more slip-resistant fabrics, such as rubber or wood, and you have a heel that won’t worry about dropping in. With this stuff, you can take confident steps every step of your day.

  •  More fashion appeal.

You might be bored seeing the pinpointed heels everywhere. But surely not now, when you have more stable and preferred versions of heels. 

Gorgeous, trendy, and stylish are a few compliments you may hear when you wear any heels. But with the comfortable heels, you might be able to feel and justify the praises showered upon you. you’re not going to be judged if you love a decent pair of wedges. The platform boots are stunning and will not break the bank. You can wear them with any outfit, day or night. Plus, they shower with you the equal appeal, like that of any pointed heels.

  • Give extra support to the heels.

Platform boots or any other platform footwear can control a broader footprint, ensuring that your soft arch doesn’t have to carry the entire foot when supporting a finger’s width on a platform. This, over the years, leads to less wear and tear, creating happy feet. And maybe you can walk farther in them too. And that is why it is witnessed that women add these comfortable heels in their everyday routine because you can walk longer with them. 

  • They can overcome the drawbacks of pointed heels.

Do you remember the moment when you nearly broke your ankle and probably your face when your balance gave out? Or did you feel sophisticated like hell on a first date at that time? If you haven’t, you have still repressed it. But luckily, with a decent pair of wedges or platform boots, you can stop having more of those recollections in the future. And indeed, you can make memories rather than embarrassments and the guiding alert at every step.

  • They will give you everything, probably like another heel.

 Wearing wedges and platforms is like having real shoes for your feet. You can also maintain everything you love about sophisticated heels. The only difference between the different lines of heels is comfort. As and when you switch to the pair of platform boots, you’re not going to tip down. Bingo! You have all the benefits and style of the stilettos, just with more comfort.

Suppose you are searching for new shoes and want to get away with all the stuff in the closet getting old and want to make a move! The best option here is the platform boots. Super gorgeous, and most of all, platform heels make you look a lot better than regular heels. Know all about them first, before deciding to wear them.

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