Gifting Lingerie: A Step-by-Step Guide


If you’re planning a bachelorette party, you may be thinking of having a lingerie shower for the bride. It can be a wonderful opportunity to shower her with sexy gifts you may not want to give her in front of family members. 

Every bride wants unique lingerie pieces to pack for her honey and to wear on her wedding night. But, shopping for multiple lingerie items can quickly get expensive. Your friend will love being showered with the sexy essentials she needs to be a blushing bride. 

If you are planning a lingerie shower for a sister or friend, this step-by-step guide for gifting lingerie can help you make it an event to remember. 

Get Her Measurements 

Hopefully, as a bridesmaid or maid of honor, you’ll be with the bride at her dress fittings, making it easy for you to snag her measurements. It will be helpful to have the complete picture for more complicated items, like corsets. 

You’ll also need her cup size. You can find this by peeking at one of her bras when she isn’t looking. You could always ask too, but that may be slightly suspicious. 

Share with the Crew 

Let the girls attending the bachelorette party or lingerie shower know early about your wish to gift the bride some sexy intimates. Send out the measurements and give everyone a chance to shop. 

Consider the Bride’s Unique Sense of Style and Body Type 

Take the bride’s sense of style and body shape into consideration when shopping for her lingerie. Is she a girlie-girl? Go for floral sets, lots of lace, and soft chiffon. Does she have a dark side? Pick out bold, bustier, sultry fishnets, and a strappy garter belt. 

Lingerie allows women to indulge in all their intimate fantasies. One day she may want to wear a baby doll nightie, and another, she may rock a sexy sheer teddy. Don’t be afraid to play on different elements of her style. 

You can use her measurements to determine her body type and pick out pieces to flatter her figure and enhance all her curves.  


Measurements: Shoulder and hip measurements are about equal, with a waistline that tapers in by about ten inches. 

Fits: Most lingerie looks smoking on this body type, but stick to pieces that accentuate the tiny waist, like corsets, teddies, and garter belts. 


Measurements: Hips are wider than the shoulders, with the waist measuring somewhere in between. 

Fits: Play up the breasts to balance the body with a bold bustier or a fitted negligee that flairs out at the bottom. 


Measurements: athletic figure with relatively equal measurements between bust, hips, and waist. 

Fits: Try a lace teddy on a long torso or cinch your waist in a corset or bustier to create curves. 

Inverted Triangle 

Measurements: Broad shoulders that taper into a tiny waist and narrow hips. 

Fits: A halter necklike looks fantastic on this frame and will emphasize her strong shoulders, go for a matching bralette and thong set or a sultry halter teddy. 


Measurements: Upper body is wider than the hips and has a rounded waistline. 

Fits: Play up the bust in a bustier with a flowy skirt or pick out a cheeky teddy to show off her luscious curves.  

Share Your Picks 

You want to make sure you gift the bride with variety. Choose different styles, so she has corsets, teddies, garter belts, and bustiers. Send each other pics of the pieces you choose for the bride. 

Yes, you are shopping for bridal lingerie – but she won’t want only white sets to wear on her honeymoon. Don’t be afraid to choose colors that will compliment the bride’s skin tone. A soft pastel floral set screams romance. Black and sheer always makes a statement… and there is just something about a lacey red three-piece set. 

Surprise the Bride 

Get ready for the party! Wrap your gifts and present them to the bride. Pour some sparkling wine and let the fun begin. Cheer her on as she unwraps her lingerie. Gush over how gorgeous she will look in each piece and encourage her to try everything on. 

Throw a Lingerie Fashion Show 

Chances are you’ll do this at a bachelorette party, which means the bride will have a bit of liquid courage. Put on a confidence-boosting playlist and have her do a lingerie fashion show for you all. 

Nothing will make you feel better about your body than hearing your best friends hoot and holler over how hot you look. Dance around, get excited, and have an extra glass of champagne. It’s your chance to be girls and celebrate your friend moving forward in her life. 

Other Occasions For Lingerie Gifts 

Lingerie parties are an incredible way to boost confidence and get out of your comfort zone. Friends have an even better sense of what will look amazing on you than you do yourself. Don’t save lingerie for your wedding. Even single ladies can gift each other lingerie. 

  • Ask for lingerie for your birthday.
  • Do a lingerie secret Santa with your besties. 
  • Surprise each other with lingerie on a girl’s trip.

Good lingerie can boost your confidence and help you feel more in tune with your body. Don’t wait for your wedding to celebrate how amazing you are. 

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