Getting your Oriental Rugs Cleaned Professionally


There is a lot of people who do not know whether the rug they have is something that needs to be carefully cleaned by an expert hand, or whether it is less valuable. Sometimes they come from a relative, sometimes left there by former owners, or bought second hand. As with a lot of things, the way you can clean a rug without doing damage takes the right method, skill and the correct treatment for the type of dirt or stain you are dealing with. Whether you are dealing with a year of built-up dirt or something more specific it is generally a good idea to seek the opinion and help of an expert in rug cleaning, Toronto based or where you live. 

Should you do it yourself or bring someone in?

Professionals suggest that rugs have a good clean every year to a year and a half, and your carpets should get the same professional deep clean too. Therefore you could look for a company that offers both expert rug cleaning Ajax and elsewhere, as well as carpet cleaning too. When it comes to more expensive and delicate rugs, like oriental rugs, having an expert handle them is just good sense. It is easy to ruin such a rug with your inexperience and lack of correct technique and skill. There are plenty of rug cleaners with experience and the right credentials. Look online and compare and also look at the former client reviews.

Knowing the best methods

The reason for investing in a rug cleaner is the know the best and safest methods to use. They have seen all kinds of stains and dirt issues and what method will get it clean, without damaging the rug fibres. For example, there is a method called full water immersion, but this cannot be used on all types of rugs. In some cases, a rug might be so expensive or delicate or old that it requires very careful topical methods to get it clean, using as little water as possible.

Dealing with pet stains

One of the common stains that can occur with rug cleaning como is pet stains. They love to roll around on them, lie down on them, and sometimes when they are ill, vomit, urinate or defecate on them! Even when there is nothing specific like the above to handle, a year of doggy smell embeds into the carpet and you might be desperate for someone to take care of that odour. Thankfully in most cases, pet odour can be removed or at least improved. But your professional in rug cleaning Toronto will know what is possible what is not.

Fringes and repairs

Another thing you might need professional help for is handling fringing and repairs. Some rug cleaning Ajax located cleaning services also offer repair services. You could look for one that does, or you could choose to have it cleaned and then repaired after. Fringes require special attention as they can come off easily. Fringe replacement is another service a repair and cleaning service might offer.

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