Getting Back in Motion After a Brazilian Butt Lift


If you’ve had or are considering a Brazilian Butt Lift, chances are you’re also the type of person who enjoys keeping active. You reshape your body, mind, and soul with trips to the gym, laps of the pool, Pilates classes, or any other favored form of exercise. You’re likely eager to return to exercising after your butt lift procedure, both for your health and to maintain your newly sculpted posterior.

But when is it safe to do so?

Here’s what you should know about resuming your fitness regime after a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Heal Before Hitting the Gym

After your Brazilian Butt Lift, you’re likely to experience some bruising, swelling, and perhaps some discomfort in both the donor areas, from where fat was removed and the injection sites on your buttocks. These symptoms are all healthy signs that your body is recuperating post-surgery. The transferred fat cells need time to establish themselves and connect with their new blood supply.

It’s best to avoid sitting for at least the first five days and avoid sitting for extended periods thereafter. After five days, you can use a cushion, donut pillow, or other soft material to relieve pressure on your buttocks when sitting is required. Sleeping on your stomach is another great option to avoid placing stress on the incision sites. Driving is also best avoided.

With these instructions in mind, these first weeks are certainly not the time to be resuming any type of vigorous exercise. Gentle walks, providing you feel your body can tolerate them, are in; squats, any stretching that involves your buttocks, gym classes, yoga, Pilates, or sweaty boxing training, is out.

The four-week mark post-procedure is a general guide for when it’s likely safe for you to resume your usual activities, including your fitness regime. However, it’s important to understand that everybody is different, and you’ll need to listen to yours as you transition out of the recovery stage.

Style of Movement Matters

While exercise can certainly aid in post-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift recovery by stimulating blood flow, too much too soon can also place stress on the body, inhibiting its natural healing processes. The type of exercise and the frequency and intensity are crucial in the first weeks after surgery. For the first three weeks at least, light walking is your safest form of exercise. It encourages circulation but shouldn’t stretch the buttocks in any way that may aggravate the injection sites or fat removal areas.

After three or so weeks, you can begin to consult with your surgeon as to when you may introduce other forms of exercise. Remember, going too hard too fast can have a negative impact on healing and the overall success of your procedure.

No Ifs or Buts – Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

So, if you want to achieve and maintain optimal results from your Brazilian Butt Lift, allow ample time for healing and carefully follow all your surgeon’s instructions post-procedure.

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