Nothing screams summer, quite like floral paintings, elements, vibrant themes, bedsheets, and other flamboyant decors. While winter months circle around muted and neutral tones, summers are a great time to tweak your room with a dash of color. Studies show that living in a youthful-looking room might rub off on you and stimulate joy.

Invest in bright double bed sheets, quirk pillowcases, and vibrant flowers. It’s the perfect recipe to amp up your room this summer. You could consider installing a spiffy fan to keep the heat at bay. It’s also ornamental to the room and adds as an element.

The most pivotal aspect of the process is doing up your bed right. If you have a size queen bed, buy double bed sheets to complete the look. Get rid of the duvet and instead lay out a coverlet. It provides a modish look. Throw in quirky floral pillows and finish up.


1) For starters, begin with a light bed sheet. You could buy airy materials like cotton, percale, eucalyptus, linen, and viscose. They have a wide variety of bed sheets available in numerous designs. If you choose to buy printed pillow covers, stick to neutrals for the bedsheet. You do not want to over-clutter the space with clashing elements.

2) If Pinterest taught us one thing, it is to fund in stunning minimal frames.  Many websites sell frames that possess photos of aesthetic flowers and leaves. It’s the perfect summer vibe and adds an eclectic factor.  Don’t be afraid of getting home plants like money plants, jade, rubber-tree, Syngonium, and others. They are low maintenance but give the appearance of life and beauty. It is also an outstanding source of fresh air. Fig trees have a serene aura and circulate fresh air as well.

3) You could introduce a pop of color with elements like stools, book stands, paintings, rugs, crockery, and bed runners. They don’t collide with each other but maintain the sophistication coupled with vibrance. Floral elements can be bought in cool or warm tones. Remember to balance them correctly to get desired results. You could seek the help of famous Instagram bloggers or Pinterest references.

4) Do not shy away from accents

You must invest in accents. They are highly versatile and can be stored for reuse next season. They will sew up your summer-ready picture with minimal effort and in no time. That is the beauty of buying accents and is always a winning component. Typically most people buy white bed sheets for their unmatched comfort and persona. A vivid accent accompanied by it will liven your vision. It might take some time to adjust the location, but there is no going back once you get it right.

5) Buy a small fan

Buy a fan that rotates through the room and place it wisely. Make sure that it is in sync with the vibe that you are going for. You could invest in a vintage fan because they are a forever favorite. They can never look bad or out-of-place. Their vintage persona tops everything off.

6) Make room for the light

Usually, we nestle up during the winters to avoid any circulation of air. However, it is time to unlock those windows and let the breeze flow.


Hopefully, these hacks help you in revamping your room with floral elements this summer.

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